The Dam – An Extreme E Bike Climbing Challenge | World’s Steepest Climb

here on EMB em we've definitely been pushing the boundaries when it comes to climbing things kicked off when we hit the slap and burst off [Applause] then we headed to North Wales to attempt them Rock that was a monumental climb we always say that's it but we keep coming back for more steeper and scarier which has led us to this [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] so this is the infamous Malaga damn with an elevation gain of over a hundred meters and an angle of 46 degrees this is definitely going to be pushing the limits oh my god it's literally twice the size as I remember it I don't think it's even gonna be possible look at the state of it there's not gonna be fun oh my right so this is it this is the hook you must have seen that in some famous BMX movies right Wow this is massive alright I'm gonna see how big this I think it actually is oh my god it's literally twice the size as I remember it I think what it's doing it's putting a different perspective on it when I came down it it was pretty cool I pre you know dial that going down things but when you go to go up something like that it's a total different spin on it I don't think it's even gonna be possible look at the state of it well the closer we get the steeper actually looks as well I think that is actually steeper than this flap and longer it's just gonna be an intense F at the hallway I don't know about how to tackle this thing I'm scared the bike I'm gonna be using to tackle this monster on it's gonna be my canyon spectral on 9.0 now this is a hundred and fifty mil travel bike 160 mode travel fork up front 29er up front 27.5 tire in the rear tire pressures i've dropped them down to about 10 psi on the rear that way I'm not going to be again any wheel spin that bikes gonna drive me to the top of the hill motor wise that's a Shimano eh thousand motor 70 Newton meters of torque and I'm gonna be tackling this in boost mode and the easiest gear you might be wondering what this is on the end of my finger well it's because of this crash just a few days ago [Applause] Yeah right yeah finger end of my finger to the bike flipped out and literally landed on the end of the handlebars right on my finger smashed it into the rock 25 kilos of e bike straight through the handlebars and it blew the end of my nail it pretty much took the end of my finger off so today I don't even want to think about what the consequences could be if it was to go wrong on this it could be pretty nasty but all that out of the way I think this is going to be the longest the steepest biggest ebike climb that has ever been done in the world and I guarantee you no one is ever written up this so let's get it done oh my god quite a few mods of Nate's my bike is a lot of suspension out I've dropped that rear tire pressure and we've got it in boost mode the easiest gear possible we have to adapt my grips it a little bit because I was just smashed my finger nearly at the end of every day actually written some pretty crazy stuff at my time but you know it's steep when you get scared of going up something excuse me on the way down I get scared that this is actually pretty necks love with me I'm genuinely pie scared especially that fast but something was to happen I swipe back down on this thing there's not gonna be fun right it's a first game and a cat by myself across it's exactly my way up hopefully try not to hit any debris on the way we'll see how we go right so just on the third spot now this I know because it is pretty intense wind isn't much fun either definitely looking go my dears jumping it don't want to be different now on this year [Music] Alexis tied the game picking this one because I'm actually quite scared their horoscope Patrick I'm genuinely oh my god oh my look man that was pretty scary I got a couple of wheel spins towards the top and my gear gear skipped as well so I was like just don't look back tears on these big clones just focus on the top of the time if you look back and you realize how high you are and how extreme it is it's pretty sketchy but that was genuinely really really freaking scary you know I was first run on these things always gonna be the hardest you don't know as I say grip levels the steepness chain could snap on the bike there's still big big consequences on something like this it's slightly more control than some of the other stuff possibly but definitely got my heart going on that one I'm glad to be up here sat down safe now it's the fun part hink going back down that's more my style [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] let's talk technique on how you tackle a monstrous climbs just like this one well first things first you need to think about what gear you're gonna be in on your bike I suggest the easiest gear power mode well that's gonna be turbo mode or boost mode you need as much assistance as possible then it's all about line choice think about where you're gonna go look out the things that could disturb your grip Little Rock's anything that's going to cause a wheel spin can be disastrous particularly the further you go up the hill then think about cadence is all about cadence keeping that motor spinning soon as you drop your cadence you're not going to be getting any assist and that can be pretty nasty too what I just lock in and focus on the top of the climb just have confidence and get reaching that point if you start thinking oh my god I can't do it nasty things could possibly happen to focus relax be confident right I'm super stoked to reach the top of that buy exact zag in my way up but I think that's the easy way out I think the grip levels are good I'm pretty high in confidence I reckon we can go direct straight up straight line no messing right wish me luck oh we're gonna need an easy again that's for sure all the way to the top without zigzagging and I think this is gonna be pretty damn interesting some in boost mode just flex my easiest gear when we hit the bottom let me just before the Box make sure that gear is definitely engaged good if you don't want anything to be messing around good I mean ladies gonna she's gonna go straight on up all right left ATO grip level just feel good just focusing on the top now quite a lot bog go round on the back wheel it start the wheel spin a little bit so it's quite scary because literally near the top oh definitely got some wheel spin going on there get super windy up here as well Oh [Music] Oh [Music]

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