The New Bosch Smart System | Does the 750 wh Battery and eBike Flow App Make the Upgrade Worth it?

The Bosch Smart System has been making waves the 
electric bike world over the last few months.   This brand new and fully integrated 
e-bike system is going to be available   on a ton of bikes in 2022, so we 
are going to dive deep so that you   can see whether or not you should 
invest in the Bosch Smart System.   So you're probably sitting there asking yourself 
what is the Bosch Smart System and what makes it   so smart. Well that's a great question you 
guys. The Bosch Smart System consists of the   Kiox 300 display, the LED remote ergonomically 
designed, you also have a 750 watt hour battery,   along with a lower profile CX motor than in years 
past–still has that 85 newton meters of torque,   and, the most important update I would say, is the 
brand new e-bike flow app. All of these components   are connected to each other and they work together 
to provide riders a next level e-bike experience.   Whether you are an eMTB rider, someone who likes 
to commute, or just get out on the weekends,   maybe you do some touring, the Bosch Smart System 
is going to offer something for everybody. Let's   dive deep on all of those components together. 
That brand new Kiox 300 display is redesigned so   that it works better in bright sunlight, provides 
better brightness overall as well, and it still   fits in the palm of your hand.

Also maybe the most 
crucial update to this kiox 300 display is that it   is not completely necessary if you don't want it. 
Manufacturers this year have the choice to use the   display or not. Lots of specifically I would say 
emtb riders and maybe some road riders as well   have been asking for displayless options. Other 
companies have been offering them as well, and   this year the Bosch Smart System is going to have 
the capability to be operated without a display.   But let's say you fall in love with a bike that 
doesn't have a display, and you're kind of bummed   about not having a display. Well the good news is 
this Kiox 300 is retrofittable onto those bikes.   But for those of you who are more minimalist, that 
ergonomic Bosch LED remote is definitely going to   come in handy.

You've got five LED lights that are 
going to tell you how much battery you have left.   You might be thinking 20 percent increments really 
aren't enough but, I've got good news for you, the   LEDs are going to change color every ten percent 
so when you see five greenish bluish lights that   means you have a hundred percent battery and 
then when you get down to a little bit of a   pinker color you have lost ten percent.

Of course, 
you probably want to know what level of assistance   you are in as well. Each level is represented by 
a different color. I don't have to tell you guys   why a 750 watt hour battery is exciting. This 
is a significantly bigger battery than Bosch   has offered in the past. Of course, the previous 
high was 625 watt hours. the new 750 watt hour   powertube fits pretty nicely into most downtubes 
that I have seen and rockets Bosch to the front of   the pack in terms of battery capacity. Of course 
no Bosch system would be complete without a Bosch   performance motor. On the Bosch smart system you 
get that Bosch performance CX motor. Apparently a   little more aerodynamic than the Gen 4. I could 
notice some minor differences between the Gen 4   and this Bosch Smart System CX so I definitely 
think there is something to that. You're still   getting your 85 newton meters of torque and also 
250 watts. You are also getting a brand new level   of assistance tour plus. Now tour plus basically 
is the emtb mode of the lower modes is how I like   to see it.

So if you remember emtb mode kind of 
helped you up hills but it only gave as much power   as you kind of needed at a given moment. Tour plus 
does the same thing. So it's kind of between eco,   tour and sport–emtb if you have that–it's 
somewhere in there. You set it to this mode and   your motor is going to know how much assistance 
to give you based on your current terrain. On   flatter and downhill sections you will get less 
assistance so that you're saving some battery,   but on intense climbs this bike will push you 
closer to that turbo level so that you can get   up hills more easily. The update that Bosch seems 
to be the most excited about on the Bosch Smart   System is their brand new ebike flow app.

is the final piece of the Bosch Smart System   and we are going to go see how it works on the 
Bulls copperhead EVO AM 1. Let's take a look.   Alright you guys so here we are we're checking out 
the app out on the trails before we kind of start   rolling on it. Um, so one thing I always love 
about Bosch, you guys, is their cute little copy,   "that worked like a charm." So we just 
connected; it was super easy. Basically,   you're just holding and pressing the power button 
and then it gives you prompts on the thing.   So let's go ahead and roll it. So basically 
the idea of the ebike flow app is that it   gives riders one place to track everything about 
their bike, and that is like my favorite thing   about it. It's going to track mileage when you 
need service pretty much even if you don't want   to use this app it still does a lot for you 
which is one of my favorite things about it.   So the home screen is where all that is kind of 

You can–my battery is–my bike is off   right now, so let's see what happens when I go up. 
So that range changes to 21 miles on eco, we have   been riding for a little bit already. One of the 
other main features that is very exciting to see   is the customizable riding modes on this. We're 
going to click right there.

Basically what that   means is that you're going to be able to go in and 
just change the amount of assistance you want. So   if you want your turbo to be higher than turbo 
is normally set, you come in here and basically   you can turn it up so that turbo is…I guess 
more turbo. Um, which is a really nice feature   you can customize a lot more about this bike than 
you have been able to in the past with, um, with   previous Bosch motors. And one thing you're seeing 
right here is that it looks like emtb and tour   plus are not customizable. Those are probably, 
I'm guessing, because those are already kind of   customized to the type of terrain you're riding 
on. So of course emtb mode I'm sure you guys know   about already. Tour plus is brand new for this 
year as we talked about earlier in the video.   Of course you're gonna be able to track your rides 
uh, and kind of figure out, you know, it's gonna   tell you best routes and stuff like that.

pexels photo 6249461

won't dig into this a ton on this particular   video because this is generally a little bit more 
commuting, but they do have, you know, some good   you know trail features and stuff as well. So this 
app is definitely learning a lot of the trails in   your area. It knows a ton already but you can also 
you know track the trails and stuff you've been on   which is really nice. So this is where it's going 
to track your ride. Again this works whether or   not you're using the app you guys.

So once you 
start riding it's just going to start tracking.   You can just look at it occasionally when you're 
doing your software updates which is, again,   my favorite thing about it is you know if you 
don't want to use this app you don't have to but   it still gives you so much information. It loves 
you even though you might not love it. The last   thing and actually the most important thing about 
this particular app–the new eBike flow app–is   that you're going to be able to look for 
updates and update your e-bike motor,   um from, well, Bosch calls it "over the air." It's 
a bluetooth–bluetooth connection you guys. Don't   want to spoil anything, but it is a bluetooth 
connection. But that's really nice. So basically   in the past I think you might have remembered if 
you've had a Bosch motor before you had to come   into shops to get the software updates maybe shops 
were charging you for that and stuff like that,   but now, you're going to be able to get all future 
updates from Bosch without having to go into   a shop you can do it just through this app.

you can see my Bulls bike is completely updated,   and I can check every now and then and see 
if there's any updates, but, for right now,   we can just keep on riding. And speaking 
of riding, we are gonna have Austen take   this bike out for you guys so that you can see 
how the Bosch Smart System works in real time. Alrighty. Already feeling this bike feels really 
good. Really well balanced. I'm not really   noticing that little bit of extra weight from 
the 750 Smart System like I thought I would. So   Bulls have done a really–a really great job 
balancing it in there. Pardon stuttering a bit.   Trying to concentrate down the trail. 
Jump the rut. We'll gap up over this. All right, so with the new Smart System there's 
one thing I really like about the new thumb pad   over here for the controls is that instead of 
before like let's say you're looking at a Purion   you could only tell when you drop 20 percentile 
in your battery because there's five bars.   Now, there'll be five bars illuminated in blue. 
When you're in between percentiles let's say   like right now at 70 percent that blue bar will 
turn white.

So, you're not kind of leaving in the   guess–leaving in the guesswork you know a little 
bit more accurately where you are at battery wise.   We are now in turbo mode blasting up the 
climb. We got Scott following me on the drone. So let's talk about the one thing 
that has a lot of people interested   in the new Bosch system and that 
is the 750 watt hour battery. Let's just start off by saying started this 
ride with full bars and right now we are 2350   feet into climbing, and I will have no shame in 
telling you i did that all in turbo mode and right   now we got three blue bars one white bar which 
means we are right around 70 percent battery.

So,   2300 feet of climbing in 70 percent battery. I'm 
6'2" about a buck 90, 190 pounds on a good day, so   I consider that to be pretty awesome right there. 
Getting great range, great battery life. Of course   getting that extra 125 watt hours 
out of the battery over the 625   and it's noticeable. So I think one of the most 
interesting things about the Bosch Smart System   is seeing how different bike manufacturers choose 
to utilize the features. I don't think Bosch has   ever offered quite as much customization as they 
are currently offering with the smart system.   Companies can, of course, leave out that Kiox 300 
display if they don't feel like it's necessary   and because Bosch, in the materials they 
provided us, gave us a very open-ended   anything's possible with this e-bike 
flow app: potential future updates,   it's definitely going to be offered on other 
drive systems as well.

I think there's going   to be a lot of choices for manufacturers to 
make about how they utilize the smart system.   For my money, I think the Bosch Smart System 
is well worth it. The biggest reason I would   say is the fact that you can do those bluetooth 
updates. So that you can update your bike via the   ebike flow app is crucial. That's something 
that Bosch has never offered in years past,   and I think it resulted in a lot of people missing 
out on updates because they weren't willing to   come into the shop to get those software updates. 
So giving this power of update capabilities to the   rider I think is crucial. And of course riders 
have even more customizations to choose from   because you can change your speed, your level of 
assistance, and how much torque you're getting   within the app. What I would personally love to 
see is Bosch offering the Bosch Smart System on   options that have smaller batteries because I 
think, in the end, not everyone does need that 750   watt hour battery. Not to mention the fact that 
there are bikes that can do dual batteries.   Some people might want to have the Bosch Smart 
System on a bike that's a dual 625 watt hour   battery so that would be a really cool update, 
but I wouldn't be surprised if we saw that in the   near future.

I will say that the way Bosch talks 
about the smart system, it does seem like they   are dedicated to continuing to give power over to 
the rider in the flexibility within their systems,   which i think is great to see, so I think Bosch 
should definitely be applauded for opening up an   already great system and making it even 
greater thanks to these customizable features.   If you want to see all the updates that Bosch is 
going to be doing on the Bosch Smart System and   all of their systems, don't forget to subscribe to 
the Fly Rides electric bike channel, and leave a   like below if this video offered a little bit more 
than the other videos on the Bosch Smart System   because that's what I was going for you guys, 
and I wanted to give you my honest opinion on   it which is pretty positive.

Thanks for watching 
you guys, and ,until next time, enjoy the ride..

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