The Perfect Cargo E-Bike For A Passenger

If you’re looking for a cargo bike,
scooter, and Dutch cruiser combo, then you should check
out this electric bike called the Model 1
by Civilized Cycles. The Model 1 is a sleek,
vintage-inspired, and expertly engineered e-bike built
with expandable cargo and a high-tech design that
automatically adjusts its full suspension to perfectly
balance the weight of the rider
and passenger. The Model 1 can hold
two adult passengers or an adult and a
child and cargo, with a total weight
capacity of 400 pounds. With just the push of
a button, the Model 1’s rear suspension with its
patented self-leveling system adjusts to the weight
of the e-bike’s load. In just 20 seconds, the system
dumps all the air out of the air shock and re-pressurizes
it until you have exactly the right sag level for the
weight the bike is carrying. This 75-pound e-bike is equipped
with a high-torque hub motor. It’s not your standard
hub-drive electric, however, as the motor is housed
in the e-bike’s frame, and not the
rear wheel. This impressively accommodating
e-bike ensures an extremely smooth ride over urban landscapes
that consist of potholes, speed bumps, as well
as unpaved country roads.

The Model 1 is built with
a lightweight yet strong, all-aluminium frame and has
up to 50 miles of range. It has a barely noticeable
battery with dual USB charging ports that can be
used to charge and power your devices while you ride
or when your e-bike is parked. It’s equipped with a
Launch Control throttle, a deep step-through frame, and
high torque mid-drive motor.

pexels photo 8712829

It also has built-in footrests
and a fully-enclosed rear wheel. Adding to its safety is a
headlamp with automatic dimming when oncoming traffic
approaches, taillight, brake light, turn signals
integrated into the ends of the cruiser-style
handlebar. It has weather-resistant,
lockable integrated locking hard-shell panniers around
the rear wheel that allow you to easily carry up
to 50 pounds of cargo. That's all for today and
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