The Things No One Tells You About E-BIKES | Electric Mountain Bikes

hey guys how are you doing this is Remy Mehta a 
welcome back on my youtube channel today I feel   amazing I feel fit I feel fast I don't know why 
wait that's an e-bike don't worry guys I'm not   gonna turn into a Sun pilgrim but some if you 
watch this video I really enjoy what you do so   keep on going so the goal of this video is to 
take you on an e bike ride show you what those   bikes are capable of doing and on top of that I'm 
gonna let you know what I think of them as a good   as a bad and was ever so sit back and on try so 
if you don't want to really talk about G bikes   that's completely okay you can just turn off the 
Sun of this video play your favorite Lady Gaga's   song and enjoy some riding down skirmishes best 
trails so now if you want me to tell you what I   think about G bikes I'm gonna go straight to the 
point I think it bikes are great I really like   mine and I'm gonna let you know why so before 
anything you have to know that riding any bike   was not part of my contract with tube obviously 
I'm sponsored by tubes and I'm riding a cube bike   but had to negotiate that bike I really wanted 
one and tube didn't necessarily wanted me to   ride one so that's that's something important to 
consider in that video oh and by the way if you   want there's a trailer I'm currently writing is 
called value added and I've done a short preview   on it with a guy called Adam price that you may 
know as a privacy on pink so go and check it out so I really like as that laughs that I'm currently 
writing because it basically as every single   important component of the good and yatra just 
some rock faces good some of camber corner some   berms some big compressor and some small bombs 
you basically got everything to set up the bike   and this was one of the first time I was using 
that new bike so it's a cube I breed 160 and I   believe that if I can get the bike to perform 
correctly on this entire lab most likely it's   gonna be goodbye City everywhere else a tie right 
so I really enjoy it and one of the things that I   learned while sitting on the bike is even though 
I cannot find an ID before I knew that suspension   with Fiji France I was not expecting that much of 
a difference so or any bike because of the weight   of the bike you have to set up your suspension 
totally different I had to run way more eye speed   and way more low-speed compression also more 
air just because of the of the weight of the   bike so that was a you know a good learning oh 
that's an interesting section actually this one   doesn't give me any trouble on a regular bike 
but because of the weight of the ebike I kind   of struggled a little bit to control the bike but 
at the same time the bottom which is you know be   chunky and a bit fast and loose because of the 
weight of the bike it was extremely stable and   it felt really safe the Twitter appeals that I'm 
currently doing I normally will not bother and I   would just push my bike but with a bike with a 
mountain bike mod it just actually began from   so now on to penthouse penthouse is known for 
features that's coming up in a few second it's a   very short ride that's pretty fun I really enjoyed 
it and I actually learned some things that I had   to change on the bike so here you got a little job 
coming up and the landing is actually pretty rough   I actually bought on doubt and I only had at the 
time two volume spacer on the positive chamber so   footing is that when I came back home I lead a 
very special just to make the back Buffalo City so now we are now with La Vie side as you 
can see this was early season and so there   is always like you know some trees and some 
branches on the way and I use my bike usually   before riding the regular bike just to see 
in what shape is the tread and see if there   is any maintenance required this is a little 
example of why I enjoy using my bike you know   I can just carry no easily like a saw or little 
tools to do a bit of trail maintenance and make   sure the threads I'm good conditions and now 
on to the other side larvicide is one of the   others trade-off Squamish and I really like and 
for me it's important to ride my bike down our   choice because I want to make sure that I can 
set up the bike correctly for basically any   situation so it's pretty steep and yeah it's an 
interesting place to make sure the by poss-eye so in the middle of the tread because a little 
climb coming up and I'm not gonna lie with the   ebike that was definitely much easier to beat 
when she so I think those extra wat definitely   add so I love that section of trail it's a 
really good exercise for breaking control   line choices and you really want to be smooth 
and get traction on your tires so here I do that   little drop and after that it's pretty destroyed 
and actually the weight of the ebike allowed me   to get you know the bike basically more stable 
and get some more traction so it was pretty good even on that slower technical technical bit you 
can see I can move the bike fairly easily with   the front brake and you know I don't really 
use the weight as which is an advantage and   you know it's nearly as fun as a regular bike 
to to write on this section you're gonna see   me slow down a lot this was the first time this 
year I was riding the trail and there is that   little those little rocks at the transition and 
so I had to make sure everything was in place so this is around the rock it's actually a 
super-fun trail and that's one of the trail   where I really enjoy a bike because there's a 
couple of like tiny burn she climbs or you just   put like couple of pedal strokes and you know 
having the pedal assist motor is definitely just   makes it just makes the trail a little bit more 
and basically so yeah it's definitely definitely   fair I think people have that misconception that 
ebikes are for lazy people but not at all I think   they really for for everybody and I think the 
benefit basically only rider why because you spend   more time riding your bike so you can basically 
increase your riding experience to increase your   trail knowledge and and you're riding knowledge so 
you just can become a better Rider and faster and   we are back for second lap so this was leave of 
absence a charge that I never ride actually wrote   it appeal with the ebuy because during the curvy 
19 BC park was closed and it was one of the way to   access some of the slap so once again the ebike 
you know allows me to discover any places and   you know this is a trial abnormal you will not try 
them you know I got to see that it was fun so you   know that's one of the thing I enjoy about ebikes 
also one thing that's really important is that   some people use it to get back to doing spot you 
know if you had an injury or if you are the health   issues sometimes a bike can be a way to get back 
slowly into mountain biking so that's something   really really cool about it this is android by the 
way I tried I've done the trail preview lately I   normally hate the access to it it's really hard 
to pedal and weaselly bike it actually became   fun so now we are on the donate event well you 
get that sketch a rock face at the start and now   we get into that little you know a big section to 
LA to talk and it's really ought to carry speed I   always struggle but with a bike it was actually 
easier and one thing is I believe he bikes can   up your skid or deterred because you get used to 
climb stuff with a bit more speed and a bit more   momentum and so when you get back to build a bike 
you kind of have that experience of how it feels   on a bike so it allows you to basically be a bit 
more confident and become a bit of a better bike following the famous and trail we are now 
entering intestinal fortitude oh and by the   way this is a GoPro mounted on my chest so let 
me know what you think if you prefer the chest   view I'll try to do some more video of it later 
so this trailer is actually super fur we kind of   have to know it in order to get some flow but 
yeah once once you've redone it a couple of   times and you can really get some smooth line you 
can really go fast on it and I really enjoyed it so I know a lot of you are concerned by the impact 
of ebikes and treads that's another story but in   my opinion if I do not damage and more the tread 
usually actually ride your bikes more conservative   than your regular bike it's not the bike easier 
so you hear wind does not spin but that's true   because you get to write more technically 
you create more wear on your local trail so   what's your point of view on that how you bikers 
should compensate Trail Association or should some   shredded forbidden tree bikes it's the tress that 
received eye traffic or that are fragile so let   me know in the comment below and now on twinning 
out so done that video of the nose manual so if   you know in and out you've seen how steep is at 
work face but pretty funny you say bye camera   to [ __ ] slow down turn around and basically 
pedal back up that was really a cool experience paani Nana would at the top you got the option 
to ride the big rock face or do a little drop   the drop is actually pretty technical but 
it's a good test of braking control and I   really wanted to see how the ebike would slow 
down on it so you come slow pop and then go out   on your brakes and it's that little compression 
to slow you down and actually I did really well   it's definitely easier on a regular bike but it 
was good to do with a bike and so in case you you   know in a now it is not just a big rock face at 
the start it actually turn into a superfood try   to off the bottom so check it out in terms of 
impact on the planet because I have an e-bike   I always pedal from my place and also I don't do 
as much shuttering as I used to I can get quite   a lot of riding time like I mean done it time on 
the bike without needing to use my car so that's   definitely an important point opening any bike 
and something I really appreciate about them   and we are the bottom of knowledge because that 
little traverse then I'm gonna open my corner and   so I can set up for that little drop and back 
on the fire rod now we're gonna head back to   Gregor it's a classic to finish our video but 
something really funny up and check this out that's awesome hahaha yeah that's right 
a coop arriving what looks like a pretty   fun party on top of the trail so what is 
the weirdest things that you've seen on   a tread let me know in the comment 
below make sure to subscribe to the   channel and thanks for watching see 
you on YouTube or stay on the treads

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