The Ultimate Electric Bike – 2021 Super73 ZX

Hello everyone it's SpawnPoiint and 
welcome back to another video and   today i wanted to show you the 2021 zx 
which is super 73's newest electric bike so if you saw my video from a few weeks ago 
i unboxed and set up the zg or the z1 as   it's known in the states as you know i went 
ahead and pre-ordered the zx model as well   so this bike is packed with features and it's a 
notable improvement over the previous zed model   okay let's jump straight in and get this bike set 
up so inside the box it comes with a removable   battery it comes with a box of accessories 
including reflectors and lights plus the power   brick that we use for charging the bike then 
there's the partly assembled bike which for 30   kilograms is pretty heavy when you're lifting out 
from the top once it's out though you'll see that   it's well packed and it's pretty secure loads 
of padding to remove and to cut off then once   all of that has been removed there's only a few 
things we need to do to get this up and running   so first the handlebars need to be fitted then 
the pedals need to be screwed on then if you've   got the eu model like i have you'll also be able 
to fit the front lights then we just need to pump   the tires up charge the battery and it's good to 
go the first charge will take about six to seven   hours but after that it should only take a few 
hours each time and here it is this is the super   73 zx in storm gray which is kind of like a really 
dark gun metal gray so the zx is a refresh or an   updated design of the zg or the z1 model which is 
the cheapest model in the range but i absolutely   love the look of this bike it's got a nice kind of 
street bike bmx vibe going on the dark frame with   the dark seating wheels plus a minimal branding 
throughout looks really nice in fact i actually   think this is the best looking bike that they do 
it's got the super 73 logo in a handful of places   around the bike like on the front and on the 
tyre walls the alloys themselves plus a few other   places but the branding i really like is they cut 
out on the bike frame itself just on the rear here   this is such a nice design it makes it look quite 
aggressive as well so the frame is an aluminium   alloy frame and it makes it a lot lighter than the 
steel frame that we've seen on the zg although the   bike overall is actually heavier so the zx comes 
in at 30 kilograms compared to 25 kilograms of   the zg the wheels are 20 inch alloys and as you 
can see here they are wrapped in some pretty wide   tyres one small feature that i really love are the 
angled valves which is such a great idea the white   details you can see on the inside of the wheels 
here that's a really nice touch but i believe   this is actually limited and it's a limited time 
feature something that only the first few orders   will actually receive after that it will just 
go black the eu model also comes with mod guards   which on the zg you'd normally have to buy those 
separately it's got the guard on the front which   you will need to fit yourself it comes in that 
box plus it's got the center and the rear which   are pre-installed so as it's a push bike it will 
still have the usual features you would expect to   see on a bike things like the pedals a kickstand 
and the chain it's also got a 10 gear speed setup   so although you might want to use a throttle if 
you're in the us you can still have the option   here to use the 10 gears as a normal bike plus 
if you're using the pedal assist mode like i will   have to here in the uk changing the gears helps 
a lot when you're pedaling the gears are up front   on the right of the bar now i much prefer this 
to a single gear setup on the zg looking at the   handlebars while the rubber grips are really 
really nice they're actually very grippy they   feel nice to the touch so the left lever controls 
the front brake and the right does the rear the   brakes are mechanical 180 mil rotors now they seem 
decent to me although i have seen other people   already replacing them now on the handlebars this 
is where there's a kind of like a mini lcd display   now this basically controls all of the settings 
on the bike so the button on the right lets you   flick between the different modes available so 
you've got your current speed in either miles   or kilometers per hour you'll remain in battery 
range the power mode that you're in between zero   and four and total which are the total miles the 
bike has done so far since new now i'm currently   up to about 32 miles now if you press and hold the 
up button it will actually turn the lights on and   obviously if you press it again it will turn those 
off now i really like this feature as on the zg   the lights were not wired in so you needed to turn 
them both on individually the new seat is really   really comfy so if you've ever been on the zg or 
z1 you know how hard that seat is but this one is   super soft to the touch and just like before 
you could sit two people on this although it   might be a bit of a squeeze so once it's charged 
up and you're ready to go you just need to press   the power button on the side of the battery and 
within about five seconds the display will come   on and you're good to go choose the power mode 
that you want to be in my case i usually set   it to number four and start pedaling i'm in the uk 
so we've got the eu model here which unfortunately   is limited compared to the us model now the motor 
is capable of 1 350 watt peak power but we're   actually restricted here to 250 watts unless of 
course you use the app to remove that restriction   which i'll cover that a little bit later now you 
can hear the motor when it kicks in there's no   denying that this does sound like an electric 
bike but i don't mind the sound of it at all also due to eu laws we cannot actually 
have a throttle for road use here in the uk   that means it is only for the pedal assist instead 
so when you're pedaling the motor will kick in and   it will assist you up to 25 kilometers per hour 
or 15.5 miles per hour and depending on which mode   you're in it does feel pretty torquey so if i set 
it to mode 4 and i gently pedal the bike it will   just pick up speed and reach that top speed pretty 
quickly obviously if you're in the us you can fit   and use the throttle instead so i'm up to about 
30 miles on this so far and i've actually only   charged it once when i first got it and it's still 
showing a remaining battery of 10 miles so that's   not bad considering it's rated at about 40 to 80 
kilometers which is about 25 to 50 miles of range   now obviously if i did run out of battery it's not 
like my car where i'd be stranded it's a normal   push bike with 10 gears so i can still ride home 
while out and about though it feels really really   nice to ride for me it's the perfect ride height 
now although there's no suspension on this model   the big tyres with a soft seat makes it a nice 
firm but comfy ride so the seat and handlebars   cannot be adjusted in terms of the height but 
the handlebars can't be tilted back and forth   so the zx has a seat height of 79 centimeters 
and is aimed at riders between 1.5 meters and two   meters tall so that's about five foot and six foot 
five so this should cater for most riders within   this range but there is a weight limit on it 
for 150 kilos which is about 23 stone now what's   great about the zx is although it's an electric 
bike it's also a smart bike with app control   so by installing the super 73 app you're able to 
check things like the battery the speed the range   turn the lights on and actually use it as a sat 
nav so if you drop a pin using that app where   you wish to navigate it will then work just like a 
normal sat nav it will show you the trip duration   and the eta but it would also send the turn by 
turn directions to that little lcd display now   that means if you don't have your phone mounted 
on the bike we can still see where you're going   then if you want to install a throttle or you want 
to max out the power on this bike you can actually   change that in the app too by default it's 
actually set to mode 1 which is the legal limit   here in the uk but if you enable mode 4 it will 
easily do 30 miles an hour which is double the   speed of what you should be doing also i've heard 
just remember though is not legal so be careful   where you use it the app also allows the bike to 
receive over-the-air updates so any bugs or fixes   from super 73 well they can send that out remotely 
so the battery itself is hidden under the seat   it's a 615 watt hour battery and it is removable 
so if you want to charge it while it's attached   to the bike say in your garage for example where 
you can but you can also unlock it remove it and   actually charge it inside now the power brick does 
not come with a uk plug so if you're in the uk   you'll need to buy one of these separately it's 
about seven pounds off amazon i actually estimate   it will cost me about ten pence to charge the 
bike from empty to full during the day or about   three pence overnight and that's based on the 615 
watt hour battery on my octopus energy tariff now   you can check the battery status just by pressing 
the small button on the side and it'll show these   little led lights well you might be wondering 
how much the zx cost well it's listed on the eu   website which is the only website at the moment we 
can buy it for in the uk and it's listed at 2 499   euros which including delivery to the uk it cost 
me 2 100 pounds at the current exchange rate that   works out at about 2 850 but if you buy it from 
the us website it's just 1995 now i pre-ordered   this back in june as soon as they announced it 
on their website but once dispatched it was here   within about 10 days so ultimately the question 
is is it worth 2 000 pounds or 2 000 if you buy   on the us website i mean it's a lot of money to 
spend on a bike it really is but it is a quality   bike it's quick it's got some nice app features it 
looks awesome and it's got a pretty decent range   for me personally it is worth the money and over 
the last few weeks i've been using it so much   i've been going down to the shops or down to the 
bakery down to the post office i've been using a   lot more than i would use my own car so if you're 
in the market for a new electric bike i think   the super 73 zx hits that sweet spot it's not as 
expensive as obviously the s range or the rx range   but it's still definitely a step up from the zg 
i would honestly recommend this bike to everyone   well you've just made it to the end of this video 
so thank you for watching if you drop a super 73   zx with that lightning bolt in the comments i will 
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