The VELOTRIC e–Bike is a good Budget Bike for a fair price

Hey, guys. Another e bike video coming at you live from
the injured compound. We are looking at the electric bike today. This is a electric discover one. It's a 48 volt, 13 amp hour or so battery
pack. It has a 500 mile motor and it's you all certified,
which is important because it was fire tested. Make sure it's like super safe and everything. So let's get this thing out of the box and
just see what we're looking at. Oh, all right. So here it is. The Velo Tric Discover one e bike. Now, this is a step through design which has
actually gotten a lot more popular recently. Basically, you don't have to swing your leg

You can just put your foot through there to
get on it. And yeah, my first impression is it's actually
a decently high quality made bike. The wheels and everything definitely feel
a lot better than the standard bike. But obviously if you're paying $800 for an
E bike, it's obviously not going to be like the premium of the premium. There are a lot of parts that I have seen
before on other bikes as well, but overall a really good feeling, really good looking,
and it's got all the convenience functions that are definitely nice to have. These don't really need like headlight tail
light. A lot of e-bikes don't come with those kind
of things. They're pretty cheap to add. So I do appreciate when e-bikes do come with
that kind of stuff because not every bike comes with a headlight or tail light and that
kind of thing. And again, just a review of the specs of this
thing. It's a 48 volt, 13 amp hour or so battery. It has a 500 watt motor that is actually Velo
Track branded in the rear as well.

It's got a storage rack on the back. If you got to go get some stuff and carry
stuff around and the screen on it is definitely not bad at all. It's nothing super fancy but it, it's not
bad. So this has three power assist settings and
I don't know the top speed on it just yet. I don't know the full range on it just yet. Obviously have to take it out to the road,
get my first initial impressions and then I'll take it on its full range test and it's
top speed. Get all those real life usage specs for you
guys to see how it actually performs in real world use. So yeah, that's pretty much it. Really nice looking at your bike so far. So I'm going to get it charged up 100% and
once it's topped off, we'll get this thing out on the road and see how it does.

And if you guys haven't seen these cool air
inflator pumps on the website, go check it out. I got like 18 of these bad boys left. They're so handy. I have not even charge this one since I took
it out of the box. I've aired up a couple of motorcycle wheels
and everything with it. It's still on full charge, so. I'll still give it to you oh, yeah. All right. Riding the Velo Trek, Discover one eBay see
how she does right off the bat. It's nice and smooth. 17 miles per hour. 19 miles per hour. 20 miles per hour. Looks like it's getting up to about 21. That wasn't long enough to see if it was a
top speed or not. But yeah, right off the bat, obviously, it
feels like a 500 watt motor. There's more powerful ones out there. There's less powerful ones out there. If I mean, what motor is good for commuting,
I would say it doesn't draw a whole lot of battery.

So I'm expecting a decent amount of range
out of this bike. But it's not like it's not like you're going
to go like mountain biking up steep hills with this thing, you know? Yeah. Anyway, right off the bat, feels nice. Feels really nice. It's a well-balanced, cool looking bike. Yeah. Tin right about 20 miles per hour. There's a wind against me right now, but right
about. Yeah. 20.6 yeah. Right about 20 miles per hour, which is the
legal limit for these bikes and yeah, it's decently it's definitely pretty comfortable
the handlebars were definitely designed to be more comfortable. This is a cruiser bike, definitely a commuter
kind of thing and it definitely feels nice. Yeah, no complaints there as far as comfort
the seat after you sit on it for like an hour, I'm sure we'll start to feel a little stiff,
but that's like every other bicycle, so I won't hold it too hard against this bike.

Definitely one of the more comfortable cruisers. Definitely. And really cool looking and just just being
on this bike is pretty cool and we're currently at 0.7 miles. This is on a full charge right now. This is counting towards the full range test. You guys know how I do these? This is this is a test. This is not like a full on review. I schmooze up to the company because they
sent me a free bike. This is me giving you guys the real world
specs. What you can really expect from this bike
as far as range and top speed and everything goes. So tomorrow I'm going to just be tearing down
a bike trail, full throttle, no pedaling, just see how far it'll take me. And that's what you guys can expect if you
ride it like a motorcycle. That's how I do this. So my initial impression is definitely not
bad for a bike that's in the mid $1,000 range.


Uh, cool looking, full size, very comfortable
to ride so far. And oh, god, 21 miles per hour. How about that? And it's about as fast as any other bike. There are some obviously that go a few miles
per hour faster as a top speed, but legal limit is 20 miles per hour. So anyway, yeah, that's it. I'm going to just catch you guys tomorrow
when we actually do the full range test and everything and yeah. All right. So I'm going to go ahead and get this on a
full range test right now. I'm just going to go head out on a bike trail. You guys know how I do this? It's just all throttle and no pedaling at
all. Basically just seeing how far it'll get me
if I ride this thing like a motorcycle because most people get an electric bike so they don't
really have to pedal. So that's what I'm testing out. I won't bore you guys along for much of this,
but I'll just see you guys when I get back and I'll let you guys know how many miles
I got all right? So I'm headed back home after a good long

And I didn't kill the bike just yet, but we're
on 20 miles, and it'll probably go for another five miles or so with the current charge on
batteries, so mid 20 miles of range not bad for I mean, this is pretty, it's pretty standard
for any bike of this class, but it is just above average. So my overall thought on this bike is that
it's a very good looking, kind of cool, unique bike. A lot of people were looking at it and I went
to a coffee shop and whatnot. Lots of people were checking it out. Maybe it's just because I'm so good looking,
but maybe it's the bike as well.

Who knows? But yeah, very cool looking bike. Very cool bike to ride on and definitely more
comfortable than a lot of the bikes. Also in this class again comes with a lot
of good little features that some e-bikes don't come with a tail light on all the time
headlight that you can turn on and turn off as you please. It does have a cargo rack, which is very nice
little like white wall, brown wall tires, pretty cool.

But as far as equipment goes, it is pretty
standard for e-bikes in this class. I know the camera doesn't capture super well,
but the yellow color is actually really nice. Like I'm not a huge fan of yellow vehicles,
but this one actually is cool. So these guys have it. That's the electric discover one overall,
a really nice bike very cool looking, very comfortable bike to ride on the range is a
little bit above average and as far as power goes, it's a 500 motor, but it definitely
felt really nice. Even up hills on the bike trail that I was
going on, there were a lot of dips up and down slopes and it handles just fine.

Today. You guys have it pretty decent. You bike for the price if you guys do want
to check it out, there is a link in the description. I hope you guys had fun watching this video
and and I'll catch you guys next time..

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