This 12 600W eBike is INSANE !!! CyklonEbike VENOM Extreme 70 kph QS205

hi and welcome to wrong way this is the cycle only bike fandom extreme let me tell you more about it let me show you a problem which maybe have also encountered when looking for an electric bicycle usually there 250 Watts 500 watt spybike giant trek but yet they're also quite expensive in the same price range you can get this which has twelve thousand six hundred watts of power also expandable by the way to 17,000 600 watts [Music] by the way also huge thanks to the owner of this ebike VTech he loaned me this bike for testing purposes and also if you want to purchase such a bike just visit the link below and with the discount code wrong way you get five percent off your purchase [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] so what does this power give you well actually this exact bike is limited 220 amps on the controller instead of 150 amps which is possible on this configuration because the owner was a little bit scared of the acceleration and he should be because I just measured the times from zero to 50 km/h it's just four seconds [Music] the top speed on this ebike is 70 kilometers per hour up to a hundred depending on your motor configuration and if you wish to have more accelaration or more top speed just mention it to the guys at cyclone ebike because this configuration is aqs motor 205 with five T winding which gives you this impressive acceleration you can actually get more acceleration with the six T winding or more speed with the four T winding up to a hundred kilometers per hour so in order to have this amount of power you also need a big battery here it's packing a 76 volt 41 amp hour battery which is actually bigger than most of the electric seated scooters on the market the range depends of course on your driving style from 70 kilometers when you drive like a madman to maybe 250 300 kilometers when you drive really softly the charger that comes with this ebike charges the bike in around 6 hours but you can also get fast chargers that do the same thing in less than 4 hours [Music] but we have this amount of power you also need a lot of braking power here we have Magura MT 5e I suppose the brakes with hope floating rotors to top it all off this thing can actually go off-road and on road 19-inch tires which are actually motorcycle tires because again we need very strong materials in order to write this bike in high performance we have dnm suspension which is actually customized by Cyclone e bike in order to fit the bigger mass of the e bike and as you can see it is super super comfortable you can ride this thing over bumps at 60 km/h and it's pretty comfortable so I hear you ask why does this thing have pedals well if you actually discharged the battery to zero it weighs around 60 kilograms so it's not the easiest thing to do but you can do it also it's very nice to pedal while overtaking cars it's it's just a nice feeling [Music] [Music] I also remember to check the local legislation for such vehicles because maybe in your country there are restrictions for such vehicles and the benefits for such a bikes is actually quite enormous people that ride them instead of cars go to work twice as fast or even three times as fast because they don't need to wait and rush hour traffic there's no problem with getting into forests and outer areas because they don't pollute the environment and mainly the upfront cost is a little bit higher than on other products but then maintenance costs are very low as there's pretty much no maintenance in the motor only thing that wears is breaks but they don't also wear as much because you have regenerative regenerative braking and now let me tell you how to use this bike so so most of the controls as you could imagine are on a handlebar here we have the accelerator which is very fine-tuned you can be very precise about your acceleration here we have actually a mounted tour the alarms this ebike is equipped with GPS and a SIM card so you can always locate it if it's where to be stolen in order to lock it just put the key in and press the alarm button now it signals that it the bike is being locked and now it's locked so so if I touch this bike now this is just a warning next time it will be way louder and way more intense check it out it's terrible this bike won't be stolen without notice from anyway moving on let's check out the screen here we have the speed the voltage of the battery battery indicator which is actually five steps so one two three four and empty here you can check out how far you have driven and when you turn on the light and also dims for nitriding and the light is actually equipped whipt equipped with three diodes so it's very intense you can also mount two of these powered straight from the big battery pack so you'd never have the fear of running out of battery in the light moving on here we have a fire phone charger which is 2 amps here we have three drop driving modes you can actually customize them to what you want here it is just 250 watts here we have half power and this is maximum speed you can also have a hidden switch for all of you that are in countries where it's not allowed or sort of not allowed to drive these things you can always just block them to 250 watts and write them as a regular bike to 25 km/h 30 s you wish this button is actually for reverse driving so because the e bike is rather on the heavy side you can just press this button and press the accelerator pedal and it goes backwards just let it go and goes forwards this eases maneuverability by a lot components are xlc so this is also nice quality we have also great grips with wrist support we have mud guards to top it all off so this is the cyclone ebike venom in the extreme configuration there are also other configurations available for this bike more powerful less powerful more range more acceleration depends on what you are looking for and if you are interested in such a bike there will be also a english store coming soon on the cyclone e bike product page for now just email them if you're interested for such a bike tell them that you saw the video on the wrong way channel that's when you get the 5% off and I'll enjoy some more riding so if you're still here please leave a like on the video consider subscribing as there will be more content with electric vehicles and PV is coming soon so stay tuned for that and and I'll see you in the next episode [Music]

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