Thoughts on electric bikes + Horwin CR6 review

Did you know that e-bikes could be washed and 
used on rainy days? Don't look at me like that.
I know that some of you had doubts about this !  Hello adventurers my name is Diogo Guerra and 
this is offroad of course! Some people say that electrical vehicles are the future, Some others say that this is all a terrible idea that will never work in real life And then there are others that they simply love combustion engines so much that they are not willing to let them go without a fight well i always wanted to join this lovely skirmish but without any personal experience with EVs i simply couldn't Up until now Let's begin with a visit to Grenami the 
store where i lost my electric bike virginity   nowadays electric vehicles come in all shapes 
and sizes We have the scooters, the bicycles, the mopeds, the motorcycles, skates and more…   small scooters like this one can be folded and 
are the perfect companion to take on a bus or a train to another town And if you need something bigger with more overland capacity then you have the Kobra Climber  With big inflatable wheels a 
flexible chassis and a whopping 500 watts of power which could be expanded to 1300 watts, which is more than enough to earn you a vip ticket to Valhalla! And then we have the mopeds and the 
motorcycles, both clutchless gearless and in this case with the same motor, same power, and about the same range I spent the week test riding the motorcycle, the horwin cr6, the legal equivalent to a 125 cc The goal was not to review it but to learn as much as i could about the ev experience No matter what you think about electric vehicles there is a huge potential to electric MOTORS that we simply can't ignore! they are simple to build lightweight extremely powerful and efficient On top of that they are virtually maintenance free and extremely versatile by default all electric motors are gearless and clutchless, something that probably won't work for technical off-road but that is a clear advantage when moving around town The problem with EVs are the batteries; They are 
expensive they are ecologically dubious and then the range, the charging time, and their life cycle 
are a huge concern to make matters worse your friendly neighborhood mechanic won't touch them with a 10-foot pole even so we are witnessing the rise of the e-cars the e-bicycles e-scooters e-mopeds and city e-motorcycles just like this one   they are quickly becoming mainstream, but not the big e-motorcycles meant for the open road…

Why? Well most of us are simply too immature, we all want to feel and to sound like the king of the jungle not like a dork on a zipline but the biggest issue is not the 
sound of course, it's the range   big motorcycles especially the adventure ones… they 
are the symbol of freedom!.. and us the riders will abominate any sort of range limitations even if e-motorcycles had a 500 kilometer range, without a way of quickly recharging them while having a beer we would still feel our fantasies oppressed…

It seems the technology is not there yet, not 
for big e-bikes So let's take a closer look at the smaller ones, meant for city use, and see what the electric future could have in store for us one thing i really like about the cr6 is that 
it feels like the bike was taken seriously it doesn't feel like a plastic toy pretending to be 
a real motorcycle the seat is a bit short for two passengers, but it's comfortable the suspensions are firm and despite its small size, the ergonomics are reasonably well done the brakes are really strong and confidence inspiring actually they didn't even need to be this good for the bike to feel safe the real range i got from this thing was somewhere between 70 and 80 kilometers but i have 
not been kind to it i used it around town like it's recommended for maximum battery length but also a bit on the open road and even highway and just for good measure i even did some drag racing 
with other city bikes to assert my dominance …well kind of! The cr6 was way faster than the 50cc 
mopeds, but slower than the ktm 125 or the pcx-125 the top speed gps measured was around 85 
kilometers (52mph) per hour which is not much but more than enough to go around town or to take you to the next one but you will feel the hills…

pexels photo 4575944

The bike will slow down slightly just like a 125 would so don't expect any electrical miracles here the advertised torque according to the 
brochure it's 260Nm and that simply cannot be true.
To put that in perspective, the bmw gs 1250 has 143Nm   whatever torque it really has it is instantaneous, 
because it's electric so unlike traditional mopeds when you accelerate you don't feel that sort of a drag like the clutch is sleeping all the time it just goes! And that's a very satisfying comfortable 
and to be honest a bit of an addictive feeling   to put it in other words it feels just like a 
moped but better in every way here inside the purely aesthetic fuel tank you have a compartment and this is precisely the kind of thing that i expect to see in the future electric bikes practicalities and solutions that you cannot have on traditional motorcycles another thing that traditional motorcycles don't have is an electric charger the cr6 uses a rather small one and it will charge about 70% of the battery in only 4 hours i tested that myself One thing that everyone is always very concerned about is the battery life cycle what they told me it's because this bike has a battery management system the only concern you must have is not to leave the bike on your garage for days or weeks straight with a low battery "Keep the batteries full keep the batteries happy" the electric motor is very quiet so you can hear the birds and the wind and all those nice things  but you can still hear its characteristic wheezing sound surprisingly i think this is actually a good thing, because the sound increases and changes when the bike speeds up and in a weird way that satisfies 
the need to know what the machine is doing still regarding the sound of evs or the 
lack of sound of the evs there is a huge problem here that i don't really know how to solve which is: Because the bike is small and noiseless, most drivers will not be aware of your presence 
you will feel invisible and the biggest problem here is that these bikes are targeting young riders that did not develop yet their third eye so i'm afraid they will have a lot of accidents because nobody knows they are there another problem of the lack of noise 
coming from the engine or the exhausts   is that you will be able to hear all the parasitic 
mechanical noises coming from the motorcycle   so let's say the rattling of plastics…

The rattling of plastics, the chain, the brake pads, 
everything that could make a noise you will hear it  so my advice for electric bike manufacturers 
is that they develop technologies that allow the   bike to be silent even when the maintenance is not 
perfect to wrap up the topic of sound we have this: it feels a bit unnecessary, to say the least. But on the other hand this is exactly the type of thing that i would expect to see on electric bikes < you know, fun things, jingles, lights, gadgets, gizmos, things that make the bike feel futuristic, new, playful, fun and soon… basically to follow tesla's example: bring the best out of this technology and help these bikes stand apart from the traditional ones i'm pretty sure a lot of you will have interesting ideas on what an electric bike could have in terms of gizmos gadgets whatever, so please write them down on the comments i am anxious to read them.

Overall i must say that i'm pretty pleased with the Horwin cr6, and in general with the concept of city electric vehicle regarding bigger motorcycles, meant for the open 
road i am optimistic but i'm not holding my breath well and now i'm done, thank you guys 
for watching, please don't forget to like to subscribe to hit the thingy and to share See you next week and happy rides.

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