Tips for Loading a Heavy Ebike Onto a Car Rack

The History of Fair Trade

The fair trade movement as we know it today is generally thought of as having arisen in the aftermath of the Second World War. Efforts to market goods created by producers who were considered to be “marginalised” were initiated by religious groups and sometimes politically orientated non-governmental organisations.

The Secret to Getting Consumers to Go Green: Peer Pressure

Marketers of green products and technology face the same question that all businesses face: “What is the best way to encourage buyers to purchase green products?” Recent results from the real world are shedding light on the answer to this question, and it is not the answer most people expected. Peer pressure works best.

A Poster Child for Opposition to Carbon Capture

As if the development and implementation of carbon capture did not face enough hurdles, both technical and financial, we can now add another barrier to the list. This time it is NIMBY, or the “not in my back yard” syndrome. As with many other industrial projects that might serve the common good but not the local interests, a carbon capture project has met a fate similar to that of proposed power plants and waste disposal sites.

The Newest Biosphere MKV

The Biosphere MKV is a revolutionary solution to eradicate waste. It produces energy that was very useful.

Turning Waste From a Problem Into a Solution

Waste has always been such a big problem for us. So many different methods of destroying waste have already been tested but everything has failed to get rid of waste. Efforts to eliminate waste have been so fruitless to the point that man had to be contented with waste management and no longer seek the destruction of waste. The currently most popular means of managing waste is the landfill system which involves and collection of waste and gathering it in one place called dumpsite or landfill. The trash is then covered with soil.

Will Consumers Pay More For Green Products and Technology? Not Yet

Consumers are not flocking to products labeled green and eco-friendly. At first glance, this behavior by consumers is surprising.

How To Avoid Being Greenwashed

Going green is more than just a fad. It is becoming a way of life for many, and they are taking steps to reduce consumption of energy, conserve fresh water, and recycle paper, plastic and glass items. The focus on green living has not gone unnoticed by companies, both large and small. Business of all types are looking for ways to promote their products and services as “green” and “environmentally friendly.” But all green claims are not equal. Learn which ones you can trust.

Starbucks Makes Controversial Choices About Recycling

Find out what this giant coffee corporation is doing when it comes to recycling their products! They are faced with big decisions as a nationwide corporation in their eco-friendly practices.

Electric Cars Are Drawing Investors But Not Buyers

Electric cars have been in the news recently, with Tesla Motors raising large amounts of money from investors and General Motors banking on the Chevy Volt to renew its prospects for becoming a viable company again. GM is planning to roll out the Chevy Volt next year (OK, the Volt is not an all-electric car, but it can be fairly described as mostly electric), but it is not clear how well it will be embraced by potential buyers.

Yemen Is Running Out of Water

The country of Yemen has been in the news a lot recently as the source of suspected Al Qaeda bombs aboard aircraft. But besides being ostracized by Western countries for its support of terrorists, this small nation on the Arabian Peninsula has other problems. The capital city of Yemen, Sana’a, is projected to completely deplete its water supply by the year 2025.

Green Living Motivations: What Makes Someone Go Green?

Green living is a popular subject. The green economy is anticipated to produce new jobs and alternative energy technologies is being developed to replace fossil-fuel based energy sources. Ultimately, thought, a green economy is field by consumers who are willing to buy greener products and technologies. So, a fair question to ask is the following: “What makes a consumer go green?”

A Green Product You Never Knew Could Be Green: Eco-Friendly Concrete

Green, eco-friendly products are increasing in number and in prominence. But could a product as mundane as concrete be green and eco-friendly? The answer is yes.

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