Top 10 Electric Tricycle 2022

the EVELO COMPASS is not just another tricycle
it's so much more to so many riders it represents freedom,
it represents safety and stability the COMPASS is the perfect companion
for riders of all ages, shapes sizes and level of ability its mid-drive motor system is
powerful enough to tackle any hell in any landscape meaning you never have to worry
about getting home even if you're tired a handlebar mounted throttle means you can pedal
as much as you want for exercise or not at all the choice is yours front and rear full length fenders protect
you from the elements and road debris while riding and front and rear integrated lights
keep you visible and safe day or night for the smoothest ride and best handling possible
the EVELO COMPASS also features a rear differential this gives you limited slip two-wheel drive
which is the highest quality and safest tricycle drive train available anywhere
the EVELO COMPASS is also dual battery ready offering a maximum of up to 80 miles of range
with the optional second battery installed if you're looking for the best electric tricycle available
the EVELO COMPASS was designed with you in mind [ ARCIMOTO E-TRIKE ] the EMOJO CADDY PRO
has a stable 3 wheel aluminum alloy rigid frame it has a 500W electric motor and 48V
lithium-ion battery to help you go far the CADDY PRO features a backlit LCD display
to increase readability outside you will be comfortable on the CADDY PRO
with its adjustable seat and backrest it's easy to get around
with the 7-speed gear shift system USB charging station hydraulic disc brakes it has an outstanding load capacity enjoy a smooth ride
with front suspension the CADDY PRO 4-inch fat tires
can cover all terrains go far !
go free! go …

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for optimal comfort and stability it empowers more people to safely enjoy riding an extended wheelbase low center
of gravity and finely tuned computer software all work together to set a new standard for safety the TRIKE is so easy to ride
it's sure to leave a smile on your face a whisper quiet motor delivers the perfect amount of
acceleration and hill climbing power it's fun and exciting
without being overwhelming a state of the art battery uses the same
advanced lithium-ion cells as an electric car it weighs less than a house cat and can take
you up to 33 miles on about 10 cents worth of electricity an easy to use display keeps you informed and features a USB charger for your phone
and other devices integrated front and rear lights
enhance your safety and convenience Kevlar belted tires
with self-sealing tubes help prevent flats a 3 speed internally geared hub
provides easy pedaling and smooth shifting and powerful disc brakes can stop on a dime the custom built extra
spacious storage container includes rear fenders that help keep you clean and dry every PADEGO is lovingly
designed in California with you in mind PADEGO is a fun company and yet we're gravely
serious about one thing uncompromising quality that lasts combine PADEGO quality with the peace of mind
of an industry leading 2 year warranty and you'll be smiling too
visit a PADEGO store and try one free today hello fun

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