introducing the hemo c30 combining cutting-edge 
e-bike tech with road bike geometry bringing the   ergonomics performance and more efficient riding 
style of a road bike frame to the e-bike market the c30 sports a 36-volt 250 
watt rear drive high-speed motor   it detects your pedaling force and 
allocates motor power automatically   a rugged lightweight construction weighing only 
23 kilograms the c30 battery is smaller lighter   and has a higher output and service 
life than the average e-bike battery   performance comes first with industry-leading 
tectro disc brakes dual position brake levers   trigger shifting and view important trip metrics 
using hemo's ipx7 waterproof led smart display   there are two ways to enjoy the c30 the 
c30r and c30s each with their own perks   the c30r comes stocked with flat 
handlebars for an upright riding position   and sports a nine speed transmission with a 
left side dial shifter the c30s comes with   drop style handlebars for multi-position riding 
and provides 18 speeds using a shimano r3000   2×9 speed system both models include our 
leading tech and professional construction   so whichever bike you choose we welcome you to 
the ultimate electronic road bike the hemo c30 meet alant plus the e-bike built for riders who 
want more more distance more style and more fun   we designed a lot plus to be 
a smart solution for commuting   and cruising it's capable enough to replace your 
car and fast enough to make every ride a thrill   bosch's newest motor assists up to 28 miles per 
hour or 45 kilometers per hour and we've equipped   a lot plus with the largest battery bosch makes 
so you can ride farther than ever up to 100 miles   or 160 kilometers the battery is built right into 
the frame and is easy to remove and charge go even   farther with an additional 500 watt hours of 
energy from range boost an optional battery   extender that's sold separately a lot plus models 
come with fenders and rear racks installed and the   bike's integrated design hides cables and fender 
mounts so it looks as fast as it feels powerful   disc brakes give you confident stopping power 
at higher speeds and integrated lights adapt to   daylight just like your cars with alont plus you 
can leave the car at home and crush your commute   for a truly connected e-bike experience use 
your smartphone as the bike's controller on   select models the handlebars smartphone hub will 
charge your phone and control the bike's motor   you can make calls play music navigate with 
gps and access fitness apps like strava whether   it's for function or for fun your world gets a 
whole lot bigger with a boost from a lot class the radcity 5 plus is the commuter bike that sets 
a new higher standard put simply this is a bike   that does more so you can do more each feature 
was designed around rad's core design principles   of comfort range safety and utility so let's 
jump into it starting with the all-new frame   we've redesigned this bike to improve weight 
distribution and create a sportier handling feel   without losing the comfortable upright riding 
position that has made the rad city a hit in   the us the custom designed rad power bikes 
27.5 by two inch tires help you achieve more   control over your ride and its proprietary tread 
promises more efficient urban travel to help you   navigate difficult roads with even greater ease 
the durable radpower bikes custom suspension fork   has preload adjustment for the spring stiffness 
as well as a lockout lever and with 60 millimeters   of travel it's capable of complementing 
a wide range of rider weights and terrain   and has been fine-tuned over multiple generations 
of the rad city we've lowered the standover height   on the high step to accommodate a wider range of 
riders and as for the step through version of the   bike the recommended rider height ranges from 143 
to 182 centimeters to make it even more accessible   we've repositioned the location of the battery 
to make it even easier for riders to mount and   dismount and for the first time in rad's history 
we've equipped this model with hydraulic brakes   and ceramic brake pads these brakes respond to 
a lighter touch giving you more control over   your ride and greater stopping power and to 
achieve greater comfort they also allow you   to adjust the brake lever to fit the size of 
your hands we've developed a new custom 250   watt geared hub motor it's fine tuned by our team 
of electrical engineers for the way you ride rad   the bike features our all new proprietary 14 amp 
rower 48 volt and 672 watt hour semi-integrated   battery it's masterfully engineered in-house for 
maximum durability and enhanced user experience   and when it comes time to charge the simplified 
10 led readout gives you reliable information on   how much power you have left at any given 
time and exclusive to the eu the radcity 5   plus includes a torque sensor system which when 
combined with a cadence sensor measures how hard   how fast a rider is pedaling to determine how much 
electric power to push to the bike the results are   a more intuitive riding experience you control the 
speed and power like you would a normal bike but   you feel super human with a torque sensor system 
rounding out the new features is our new intuitive   patent-pending rad user interface on the left side 
of the handlebars you have the new rad remote this   allows you to adjust your level of pedal assist 
and turn your bike on and off with ease even when   you're wearing gloves it also has an expanded 
10 level battery meter headlight indicator and   an easy view pedal assist level indicator and the 
rad display in the center of the handlebars lets   you track your ride stats in real time like how 
many kilometers you've racked up and a clock so   you can leave your watch at home we're continuing 
to launch new official radpower bikes accessories   at record rates so you can hand select how to 
customize your rad city 5 plus fenders and a new   rear rack mounted tail light as well as the rad 
headlight are all included to give you additional   peace of mind in all conditions gear up for the 
office or the weekend with our included rear rack   plus so much more thank you so much for watching 
we hope to see you out riding ride with us soon the new union 2 from diamondback is a 
really great all-around commuter bike   city bike fun bike for around town it's not just for riding to or from work either 
it's got the rack the fenders it's got a light so   you can ride it to go out to eat go to the bars 
it's a really cool bike for a lot of different   purposes so this bike is built on an aluminum 
frame so it's really durable and then all the   cable routing is internal so it has a really 
clean look the botch motor on the union 2 is   500 watts so it's a really strong motor it's a 
class 3 e-bike so it goes up to 28 miles an hour   as well so you can really get where you're going 
quickly the computer on this bike has a full color   display you can hook it up to your heart rate 
monitor you can get a lot of information that   you can see right in front of you while you're 
riding which is really nice even though you're   getting the assist from the motor you're still 
getting a good workout getting your heart rate up   this bike uses a shimano drivetrain which 
is really durable and shifts really nice   and it's got schwalbe super motor tires which are 
nice and wide so for cornering and potholes and   things like that you don't have to worry about 
it this bike is built out really good with the   spec so it's going to be a really durable bike 
but ride nice and last for a long time for you vato is the vehicle for everything 
from daily commutes to fast workouts   to longer than planned adventures with its 
supernatural power unrivaled security and safety   and our smoothest ride yet the vato provides a 
platform that gives you the power to boldly go our new turbo votto has power that 
lets you smoothly go farther than   ever before supernatural power driven 
by our newest turbo e-bike technology   creates one of the smoothest quietest most 
powerful and secure electric bikes we've ever made   effectively amplifying your power up to 
four times and giving you up to four and   a half hours of ride time with the 2.2 motor 
featured on some models it's you only faster   a bumpy road might seem like a small inconvenience 
but it can be the reason you avoid riding to   redefine smoothness we redesigned the geometry 
to put you in the best position for everything   we outfitted the vado with a suspended seat post 
higher volume 2.3 tires and an 80 millimeter   suspension fork we then tested our new vodo and 
the result was clear the vato is our smoothest   riding e-bike experience yet smoothness is 
nothing without the ability to carry what you need   for this the bottle features a 
27 kilogram capacity rear rack   that is also compatible with mic hd accessories 
like child bike seats for tool-free installation   all models are fully equipped with dry-tech 
fenders and integrated lights a front frame   rack will be available later in 2021 all frames 
are trailer compatible with a required adapter   photo is further equipped with the mastermind 
turbo connect display easily controllable by   the handlebar remote the mastermind tcd reveals 
all relevant info about your ride with up to 16   customizable screens that can display over 30 
metrics such as speed power and battery life you

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