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in the last few years electric bikes have completely changed the way we ride for both work and pleasure in today's electric motorcycles sophisticated designs premium features and more powerful motors are continually being developed when looking for an e-bike your budget and writing style are two of the most important factors to consider availability is the next consideration because of the industry's rapid growth many of the most cutting-edge e-bikes are unavailable for immediate delivery here are some of the best electric bikes for 2021 and beyond there's a lot to choose from and each one is at the leading edge of their field performance quality cool factor and pricing all play a role in the selection of these e-bikes number one best e-bike for style security and safety revo revo has a distinct look and feel that sets it apart from the rest by eliminating the requirement for spokes a hubless e drive creates a unique and eye-catching aesthetic young professionals and others who need to get to work on time will appreciate this mode of transportation security and safety are extremely vital for city commuters with revo's touch fingerprint sensor locking and unlocking the bike is as simple as pressing one button you can create a geofencing radius for your revo and know exactly where it is at all times thanks to the device's built-in gps and motion detection an additional layer of defense against bike thieves and their bolt cutters is provided by an inbuilt automated lock located within the frame additionally revo is a powerhouse when it comes to performance an innovative handlebar throttle or a built-in pedal assist feature lets you control the 750 watt motors top speed of 25 miles per hour number two best fat tire e-bikes juiced bikes some of us enjoy good adventures but we prefer not to experience every bump in the road along the way as far as speed goes juiced bikes are the best of the best if you're looking for a bike that's made to withstand the elements a fat tire e-bike is the way to go it will be a breeze for you to ride these electric bikes because they are capable of coping with a variety of terrains the rip current s step through is an example this go anywhere do anything vehicle has a top speed of 28 miles per hour e-bikes have a distinctive open frame design that makes it easy to get on and off one of the most powerful and adaptable electric bikes on the market the rip current s step through is powered by a large 52 voltage 19.2 amp hours battery and has a shimano cassette transmission low pressure extra elastic rubber is used in the construction of fat tires which provides excellent shock and vibration absorption when you're on the road you'll feel more at peace on rocky terrain larger tires will give you the impression of more power and stability which will make you more confident number three best long-range performance e-bike crown cruiser the crown cruiser claims to be the world's most elegant electric bike but its performance really shines though it is quite beautiful the 31 miles per hour max speed of the crown cruiser puts it at the top of our list carbon fiber which is 40 percent lighter than aluminium is used for the frame which is both light and sturdy it is one of the longest range e-bikes on the market right now thanks to its 100-mile battery life number four best e-bike for customization victrix juggernaut series with this e-bike you can tailor your journey to your personal preferences there are four types of bikes from biktrix that allow you to customize your e-bike to your own needs victrix has a juggernaut e-bike to suit your needs whether you're commuting on the street or tearing up the hills and off-road fat bike and plus size mountain bike wheels are interchangeable with the juggernaut series electric motorcycles with mid-drive motors and a variety of choices are available from the victrix juggernaut series conclusion when purchasing an e-bike there are a number of factors to consider we've outlined the areas in which the best electric bikes excel because we know that everyone's needs are different some people place a high value on range others are concerned about the device's security namely how it will fare against criminals in a crowded city the most important consideration for thrill enthusiasts is speed and agility our list of the best e-bikes guarantees that you'll find one that suits your needs as a result we've compiled this list to help you find the perfect e-bike for your needs what do you think of our list which e-bike would you like to try let us know in the comments section below also please subscribe to our channel and thank you for taking the time to watch our video [Music] you

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