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List of Renewable Energy Sources – The 5 Best Renewable Energy Sources

With global warming and other environmental concerns at the forefront of the world’s consciousness, now is the time for the world to accelerate the move to renewable energy sources. Here are the 5 best renewable energy sources not for the future, but for the present.

A Challenge to China’s Monopoly on Rare Earth Elements

With about 95% of world production of so-called rare earth elements, China has a virtual monopoly on these key minerals that are used in the manufacture of high-tech products. And the land of pandas and orange chicken has been using its control over worldwide output of rare earths as a trade weapon by blocking exports of these critical elements to manufacturers that include Japan and Germany. There is a challenger to China’s monopoly lurking in the background, however.

Why Sequester CO2 – Just Drive Through the Forest and Release It – Trees Love the Stuff

It appears the Global Warming Alarmists just will not give it a rest, it seems that every anything happens in the world, such as normal seasons, extreme weather, cyclical droughts, a regional crop failure, a wildfire, well you name; It must be global warming. Oh for Pete’s Sake do these folks even hear themselves crying wolf, every 5-seconds or what? All mankind has to do, if they really wanted too, is to collect the CO2 coming out of the stacks of coal-fired plants (clean-coal technologies) and prevent it from hitting the atmosphere.

Green Living Basics: Deciphering the Code for Plastics

One of the requirements for green living is recycling. As one of the 3Rs, recycling is a central tenet of a greener lifestyle. But when it comes to recycling plastics, recycling can be challenging and even confusing. You have probably seen this code many times. Virtually all plastic containers are marked with a number inside a triangle that indicates the type of plastic. Consumers can then use this information to determine whether that particular plastic can be recycled or not and how to recycle it. To make matters more difficult, not all areas recycle the same range of different types of plastic containers. What can be recycled depends on where you live. To get started you need to crack the code of the various kinds of plastics. Here are the basics that you will need to understand which plastic products can be recycled and which ones cannot.

Is Earth Running Out of Rare Earth Minerals?

The idea that key natural resources might some day be exhausted is not a new one, but is has risen in prominence again recently due to recent actions by the Chinese. The resources of note are not oil or any other fuels. Rather, China is restricting export of certain minerals called “rare earth minerals” that are used in the production of high-tech products.

The Recent Solar Flare C3 That Escaped Our Planet Earth

On 8th September 2010, the Sun unleashed a massive solar flare aimed over an array close to our planet. Luckily, we had escaped such a seemingly dreadful devastation as it would have caused maybe a lot more than just the expected bright auroras of hot light. The Sun unleashed a powerful Solar flare from the sunspot location of 1105 but luckily it was aimed away form Earth and so our planet was untouched.

HHO Dry Cell As Alternative Power Solution

Have you ever thought of making your own hydrogen power cell? If you are planning to do so, then you must learn first what really a HHO cell is and what the purpose of it is. The name HHO dry cell is linked to a specific design of the HHO electrolyzers or generators.

Eco-Friendly Concrete

Concrete is gray, not green, right? Well, there are many ways that concrete is becoming much more environmentally friendly. The green movement is a great way to better our current products and spawn innovation for new creations. As these new, more efficient products gain speed and drop to a reasonable price, people will be much more motivated to upgrade to sustainable materials and replace the old, less efficient products.

Biosphere Technology – Using Your Waste for Energy Generation

Finally a new technology that can eliminate solid wastes without adding to air pollution in the process has been developed. This revolutionary solution is called biosphere technology and it involves the use of biosphere machines. A biosphere machine greatly limits the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere by performing the entire waste elimination process inside oxygen limited chambers.

Living Green and Saving Money: How To Use Negawatts, Not Megawatts

Part of the solution to saving energy is the generation of “negawatts” instead of using megawatts. What is a negawatt? Although it apparently originated as a typo, the term “negawatt” has earned an esteemed place in green living lingo. A negawatt is a negative watt. In other words, a negawatt is a unit of energy that is not used. If you are generating negawatts, it is the equivalent of saving energy. Being that an important part of a green lifestyle is improving the energy efficiency of your daily life, how can you as an individual create negawatts? Here are three simple ways to do this.

Positives And Negatives Of Electric Bicycles

In a world growing more environment concerned it’s perfectly logical the electric bicycle has become popular. Supplement high gas costs and you will see reason behind having one. But you’ll find drawbacks for this modern marvel, too.

Updating Public Spaces – Thinking Long Term

Public spaces create new perspectives for management and designers alike. The need in these areas is for a good, long term approach to design and management. That involves a meeting of the minds on how to achieve both goals. This collaboration can also help create some new ideas about improving the public space and generating more business. An upgraded interior design for public spaces can be a real asset for improving viability and promoting new commercial functions.

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