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Recycling is a Great Green Initiative

Whether you run a green initiative project of just want to make contribution to reversing global warming you can advertise your green initiative project with imprinted tote bags. These sturdy tote bags can be imprinted with a green message about conservation, preservation and restoration of the planet. Choosing a recycle material for your tote bags demonstrates to your customers that you know how to practice what you preach.

Time to Go Green With Renewable Energy

The age of fossil fuels is quickly slipping away as both the environment goes awry and resources deplete to worrying levels. Discourse about which path should be taken has been debated over through media, politics, and classroom; however, most agree that a course of action should be taken. One of the more promising solutions come in the form of clean energy.

Is Global Warming a Hoax?

As winter grips the Northern Hemisphere and record cold snaps blanket the region in snow and ice, it’s difficult to imagine a phenomenon such as global warming. Of course, even as temperatures plunge north of the Equator, Australia is engulfed in a drought with catastrophic wildfires sweeping across the continent.

Water Based Ink Revolution – Impressive Innovations For Environmentally Friendly Based Fashion

With the popularity of fashion constantly on the rise, how will manufacturers take a step back and return the environment to it’s rightful place in their vision of growth and expansion? And what tools do they have at their disposal to keep up with the needs of an increasing environmentally savvy generation of future leaders?

What is Global Warming? An Outline of Facts and Figures in Connection With Global Warming

An overview of what global warming is. How it is affecting the planet. What scientific research has demonstrated has happened and is happening. An outline of facts and figures in connection with global warming. What people can do to slow down and prevent effects of global warming.

How Can You Contribute to Office Paper Recycling?

There are many ways that you can help the planet, and it is very important that you figure out how you are going to have the best impact on the world around you. Making sure that you recycle your office paper is something that you will want to focus on, because it can truly help you make a difference in the world. First of all, it is important for you to know that office paper accounts for a large percentage of waste when it isn’t recycled.

A Renewable Energy Plan For 2030

Despite all of the recent negative publicity surrounding fossil fuels, crude oil and natural gas has been beneficial for the growth of our modern world. It has helped the population have life after dark, transportation of goods all over the world, and allowed technology to advance. However, the use of fossil fuels has also resulted in many negative consequences: it has created severe pollution, political conflict, economic control and total dependence of countries that lack this natural resource.

Recycle – Composting Your Food Waste

Every year Americans put thousands of tons of waste into landfills. Although government standards have become more strict on the way our trash gets placed into landfills, such as eliminating items that won’t biodegrade within a reasonable amount of time, lining landfills so harmful chemicals that did make it through do not end up in our water supply and so on, the fact is we can do so much more.

Waste Disposal, Waste Management and Recycling Issues

How often do you even think about waste disposal? Seldom, I bet! Yet all residents pay for it daily, throughout the nation. Under current practices inevitably we must live with ever more filling and enlarging more landfills. That is unless these wastes are recycled or incinerated. These are just two of the waste management processes, which we discuss in this article.

Effects of Global Warming on Agriculture and Food Supply – Implication For the USA

For a long time it has been believed that the effects of global warming on agriculture and food supply is going to be a positive one. This is because the rising level of carbon-dioxide resulted for climate change will help the greeneries for photosynthesis. Thus there will be a rise of agricultural production and food supply. The theorem received a boost after the evidence of a sharp rise of barley production as one of the effects of temperature increase in Iceland which was quite impossible even few years ago. But more recent experiments and researches have revealed that the effects of hotter weather on agriculture and food supply are not that good after all. AN UNEP 2001 report on the subject predicted that USA is going to have more droughts, floods, landslides and storms.

The Most Profitable Advantages of Renewable Energy

Undoubtedly, as you may have read or heard before, exploiting renewable energy presents various advantages, ranging from environmental to economical aspects, from ethical to merely technical aspects, along with its challenges of course. Among all the advantages I will consider those which may have a large-scaled influence in our lives all around the planet. Extraction, efficiency and echo-friendliness are the aspects which I would like to focus on, and we will compare renewable energy and non renewable energy in all three aspects.

Recycling Defined

The term recycling refers to the processing of used manufactured products in such a way that the materials are turned into new products, ready to be re-used. Most materials can be recycled, although harder substances may cost more to process, making their re-use inefficient. Paper, plastic, glass, tin, and many textiles are all relatively easy to process for recycling. Despite the similarity in purpose and process, when organic materials such as foods and plants are re-used the process is known as composting rather than recycling.

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