Turn an old bike into an ebike – cheap & easy IMortor conversion kit

Hi Guys, welcome to Techydiy.  Ebikes are cool but can be expensive to buy. This kit provides an affordable solution,  consisting of a wheel with a built-in motor and a removable battery. It simply replaces the front wheel on an 
existing bike and converts it into an ebike.  There are several different wheel 
sizes and brake options to choose from.  The kit includes the wheel and 
tyre, a thumb speed control,  battery and charger
and a fitting kit.  The manual is quite comprehensive including 
instructions on how to dismantle the motor  but some of it doesn't make an awful lot of sense. The wheel is driven by a 240 watt brushless motor.  The battery is a 36 volt 3,200 milliamp power pack and it plugs into the hub.  It also has a USB power output port. The charger plugs into the battery  and there are some lights on the 
front that show the state of charge.  The battery is one of the most 
important parts of this kit,  so let's have a look at how its constructed. The shell is held together with screws  There are 10 x 18650 cells in series. A PCB for battery management and cell balancing.  A Power connector PCB and the USB charger PCB.  The case has a sealing gasket for weather proofing and the power connector is an XT 60  Installing the kit is easy Just remove the existing front wheel  Then slot the new wheel into the front forks and secure the hub with washers and nuts.  I did have a problem with the fixing hole
which was in the way of the battery slot  So, I cut that off.

You can test the wheel by turning on the power,  giving it a spin and opening the throttle. The thumb throttle is then  fitted to the handlebars. If you don't have the space available   then there's an extension bar that allows the throttle lever to be positioned by your thumb. The phone holder is fitted. Cables connected  and finally the cables tie wrapped to the frame. The holder grips the phone solidly  and it also includes a USB port for charging.
   You can download the iMortor2 app from the Play Store or the App Store and  once the power is turned on,   It communicates to the wheel with bluetooth. It asks for a password, which defaults to 6666. There's a configuration screen 
under my and parameter setting.  The display units can be set 
to either kilometers or miles.  The number of poles were 
specified in the manual as 56  Cruising mode turns on a simple cruise control To enable it you hold down the thumb  throttle for a short period The power level is then set   and you can release the lever. The motor continues to operate  until the lever is pressed again.
Starting mode, selects whether the bike has to be moving before power can be applied.

pexels photo 6249461

On the main screen there are three settings for the maximum speed
3 being the highest and the basic trade-off is the faster you go, the quicker the Battery depletes.
This is with setting 1 selected setting 2 And setting 3 Although it's not obvious on camera, 
this is climbing up a moderate slope  and towards the end I needed 
to pedal to keep up momentum.  At maximum speed and using the 
pedals as little as possible,  I'm getting about 40 minutes and 9 miles. If you use it on one of the lower speed settings, then it should last longer.  Overall this is a good kit for 
turning an old bike into an e-bike.  Thanks for watching
and see you again next time.

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