TV+ Edel-E-MTB Fully: Husqvarna Mountain Cross MC 5 2021 E-Bike E-Fully Neuheiten 2021

there it is in the original husqvarna colors that 2021 rnc 595 nico you have just said this is a hot seller because it costs 7000 or 8000 euros costs just under 5000 euros but that components like they are built in are let the bike enthusiasts hearts higher beat and of course the design of the animal you stand out from the crowd all haibike sub in this world and as they all are called the really great ones perform well and completely but husqvarna are excellent because they are white everyone somehow sounds strange quality so it's kind of whole suspicious, yes, that's what the customers play for us again because we have a lot customers who come in say husqvarna bicycles make a treasure in one too video had also been told before I think a lot of them have that lawn mower the husqvarna chainsaw and when I ask you are with me the quality satisfied with the product would they be a humane point again buy it is 100 percent yes I have to really don't just say 99 percent but all customers have mine until now I said this is a great product I would buy that again and again I've already been ten years 15 years like whatever, and that was back then or three years ago with the decision to say okay husqvarna we'll take it with us too in the portfolio based on the brand here purely only on e bikes that means here there are no bikes without a motor or children's bikes or the like here really just the point of high quality e bikes in the area of ​​mountain bike tracking that is so the core topic there and that this year's mc5 is the bike for me what actually all is united with it not in the 7 8000 price range the husqvarna colors are euro because there are so many customers absolutely love this too white blue yellow similar to the one telekom das magenta or at ktm das orange at husqvarna it is simply white blue yellow and now I'm glad that we here in the 20-21 model year in the council have what these colors also have in common to a yes I don't want to say now cheaper price but at one more humane price where I really don't must go straight to seven 8000 euros like it was in the 2020 model year is yes the special thing here is that the changes to the models themselves only over the frame height over the standpipe happens and that means that the geometry of the frame actually is completely identical except for that height of this pipe and of course still a two other components but that is the nature and the length of course but you can see that this is now here now frame size l we have below xl with the xl the cathedral is even longer but the advantage is really that we have an extremely high degree of freedom of steps so have a small one but it speaks little for one now with an xl the driver has a degree he could because he has so much space here intermediate step and top tube so there nothing can happen because you could come up with the idea one size bigger to drive that means when I am so much step freedom normally I have to be small person then very small ride bikes I might have a number here bigger if I want it does actually now off because the bike yes longer it has to be in proportion watch out and add of course it has the lowerable supports also have a certain who a certain installation length and now I can if that is mine saddle height is and the next advice is 5 cm higher then the three and a half centimeters are enough not out of here then I'm just missing in the step height or I say from the seating position for that emc or the m-series mountain cross is i say also the best-selling 150 millimeter of travel that means we have advice that can because I can really mountain let it crash down but I can also is the trail again with high clearly yes with motor assistance and also the peculiarity is very simple why the husqvarna models this too year came so late is easy the new ep 8 motor from shimano is now a little more I'll say the new reference not the newton meter number with 85 so newton meter is the same as that bosch who followed suit this year has from 75 to 85 or also in the yamaha pbx 2 but he's a little more we have become slimmer from 2.6 kilos the entire motor unit is more compact in itself and what I am now I have already experienced that myself it is much quieter where some with a porsche says it's okay volume up compared to the predecessor and that makes the new engine is combined from it then with a 600 30 watt hour battery we don't have an original who is there in there exactly that is in here and is So here in the case also one variant where I then also need the necessary range is easy Of course there is also a special feature many faceted details painting is again and again the topic of painting are still the same as before three years also means of the design here these transitions are also the subject You have the start button right from the start played similar to the car, of course, shows times i come on his side the display is different and exactly us have now got a new display what is a tick bigger we have the little thing about the eight-thousander engine for example, many wanted that best direction is also reduced that is now no comparison a kiosk or similar sign of its functionality of course we have the functions We also have the moody's so we have have tons of options here we have the submenu then where we really the most important ones see things because for me there is also time the topic i don't have to go to two now hours of cycling an hour on look at the display because I want to cycling is the most important peeps you whole system maybe maybe it was a little then maybe I want to know okay how much how much capacity do i have nor what what does the battery say how fast but I don't really have to be more know everyone is different whether I still do now garmin or something like that on it the remaining range that sounded yes mostly because I'll tell you speed is a thing that will you might also know because you know downhill if I am now 52 km h meanwhile and I understand that the frame size here is now that is very good for you I want the eleven now anja witte that roughly you can see how a great person you will become one at 97 85 just so that was earlier in ours what has known in the nn in the magazines in the 70s who have sold they have special shoes for sale with the small men up to twelve centimeters are bigger I have the number in the context of my the master of my wife more everything have to look and we sold them quite often used to be a problem today is that everyone can have to wear it because I nothing I'll show you even there was there but a lot of remedies against blushing women what do you mean that suits you Good however, that would be the bread now get variant in jeans and rudi and now I just imagine who I am before I say decent clothes because in the forest you can splash if you have a bit now just muddy weather with all the bells and whistles on it you also learn to drive people there more and more in winter so right now from this we have a degree you meet others and tomorrow berger yes now this weekend we have now today, the eleventh of january, thinks exactly and i know cycling on the weekend and it was really post now I was with us the advantage that it was then not sloppy in the forest but was hard frozen ground and so may walkers anyway but also lots of them cyclist on the way and I say now sometimes at one degree it's already cold you have to wear sensible clothes stop and have fun great ride let's go briefly on the switching on the ears are installed the tubes 12 gang so also the young ones group is part of the shimano range gone completely to 12 times there was a relatively big leap mostly we were both xtr tackle on the umpteenth slx theory and that was now possible in one go with slx audio and that has so hold a large bandwidth also absolutely sufficient what the whole come on and it's just fun and above all, it also works now you can of course say at 4,900 Euro why don't I have an xt or you really have to do something similar say that the husqvarna in detail so also from its performance as full suspension bike a very extremely good and handy advice is we already have two videos made of a htc model and also from the sc 4 we already have both variants sold and are already on the way and the response to it is absolute positive nothing has changed from saying I am new about the design of the frame you can of course now use the new one v8 engine with pure but in large and the whole performance is the same like in the model year 2020 and that is still the core basis if I ever get there an xt switchgear or something similar on it do it remains to be seen but I say now for 95 percent of the drivers it is also enough with one of the group nice yes the engine is one of the lightest on the market now they say two good pounds more or less that are so worlds a kilo easy easier to do so we're already talking over thousands of euros and now it's the engine, yes of course you have to see it that way the whole dimension is already very small if you are somewhere you have to do the mechanics and the functionality the other advantage is still there of course much more freedom generate the smaller the motors we have another one last time hotel then you have to imagine because the ax was here but the first generation bosch motor and then sits down here like an ulcer the engine from then so that has already changed fundamentally changed new stones where I'll go over it and now it's his So now I have a boy man seen he actually has one bunny hop made on the e bike that works but they are natural heavier I don't like high and it can be behind that rear wheel stays up too front wheel greek still high yes beautiful So the best time to test drive something would you say in any case sample drive or can you do that if you are knows without hesitation online to order the geometry is professional the shelf from our manufacturers it always comes down to the individual factor on it if I anyway I know that I have certain problems have or something that is like me we are compared to shoes if I knows what size I have with the respective manufacturer then I can do it online without any problems order a bike of course already fit and the investment is of course a completely different one like when I now order a pair of shoes and but they don't fit in the big picture all in all, the test drive is important so if I know nl frame of both at a husqvarna that was me with a squad that was me with one club that is identical only every wheel is just also conceptualized differently you just have to see it otherwise you don't have different ones either Manufacturer ok so we're on the topic of recycling I prefer not to talk about availability on that at the moment got the wheels I also say the frame size is a very important topic if you are interested have to hit you can also choose half of it, for example pay the rest then pick up in may that would work too but I think that nobody can hold out people want the bikes so quickly even with that weather and I'll say it again The weekend was just as nice as yesterday was so nice of the weather you can now too still driving to and right now in a blog take another walk go and go for another walk also now boring and the folks, we notice that in ourselves too even sometimes it is annoyed because what is it next decision he will be relaxed extended again all of these things are reflected in this way a little on the comfort and cycling is also a lonely one thing the tandem bikes are from the fashion came that you somehow feel there yes great story it says 4 1899 euros there are three opportunities like you can now acquire can once you have in shop the very recycle is recommended the boys have a lot to do at the moment So of course we notice that we have closed the shops rather shifts into the online area that customers order so also spoken regionally and even if it's a short time on the rear wheel you can lift me in the old one rear wheel was yes that is nice yes, here you can see that too a bit more conscious because then the engine naturally nicely integrated you have here again a subdivision also seen directly to the main frame and with it the three out of writing it's not just glued to it this over painted which means that it lasts even if that is high that's that we just look into the battery we can not have a key with us but now it was so drawn dollar what else you can't come up the first sometimes turned as violently as possible that could not open tight that is the battery is not an original now battery you said but the advantage is there are even adapters to take the pulpit out you can do it outside of the bike also loading the tableau here it is so you can always use the battery external requirements so that is not problem it has a connection below whether I am now connect to the framework in that case he is sitting right on now on the other hand, we can do that afterwards look again when turning the wheel but here you can both external as well as directly via the charging socket in the frame that's not a problem and advertisers like that so you can either stand online order on

Or they go to riegelsberg that is practically the first la nina has is and now we are in st wendel who is of course now without visitors we are shooting today on tuesday the 12th january 2021 and here too there is contactless pick up you take it really very seriously saw at the entrance so there is a big barrier for me like that a bit like you in a classy disco don't you come expecting that separated people can register go in one at a time and have them a mask on and that will be in the You can do that without contact so say exactly we just got here with us in the area created in the hall that means in the area of ​​us the customers are not allowed to go to them let sales area and in the area we can accept or deliver a product has no problems perform and at the distance we must in principle with a barrier provided because otherwise the effect is with us people just run like that just go in and you can do that as unfortunately not exactly I'm there shooting the king customer that's how it is but you can nothing for it you don't have the rules made that’s how they are and that’s us they still have to live with it opening times here so we are the workshop is always still open that means they are officially open we actually there from monday to Fridays from 10 a.m.

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To 6 p.m. on Saturdays we currently have until January 31st closed really hears but I think the guys also deserve it and girls who are in the workshop are that means a take a little breath usually january is also that convalescence month in which you are on most of them can go on vacation and so but this year is again quite different even January the december november everything i'll say months at june level from 2009 10 yes we are of course preparing for that coming season speak to the model yes 21 and if it is in march it will be right again let's go everyone wants to be in vacation before the stress factor goes up again we have a lot of homework to do where we of course also ourselves want to improve where we are in last year saw where one there are a few shortcomings Service thought also again so always get better customer-oriented today even a workshop made with a consultant how are you further certification is pending and and and so you can do a lot of things now maybe they do in everyday business not possible thanks nico ockenfels from recycle dot de and yes that is ghana the mc5 in the original husqvarna colors yellow white and blue

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