Unboxing a new 42 mph ELECTRIC scooter (the CSC Wiz!)

Genealogy Research and Cemeteries Make Excellent Partners

When you visit cemeteries in Waukesha, WI there’s a good chance you will come across early 19th century gravestones. The first settlers in the area date back to 1834 and they lived in peace with the Native Americans. In fact, the name of Waukesha is derived from Indian names giving a fairly exotic element to the area’s history.

Green Innovation or Just More Hype?

Over the years, we’ve heard so much green innovation hype, that many people have just turned it all off. In fact, I think they’ve gotten to the point where they don’t believe any of it, just accept all of it, or are tired of thinking about it. Am I speaking for myself?

Alternative Energy Is the Answer to Our Unemployment, Energy, and Economic Challenges

Most people believe, probably because they’ve heard it on TV so often that the switch to alternative energy will bring about more jobs for America. Indeed, I think it was President Obama who promised that alternative energy would create 4.5 million new jobs.

Have Alternative Energy Grants for Wind Turbine Research Been Abused?

It’s rather difficult for someone to say that they are against alternative energy. After all, clean energy with less pollution is more advantageous for human health, cleaner air, and an overall better environment. Indeed, let’s not forget that all humans have to drink the water, and breathe the air.

Wind Power – What You Don’t Know Might Blow You Away

Most people think that wind is our best choice for generating energy. However, that’s not exactly true, and unfortunately the alternative energy global warming devout religious folks have not been entirely honest with all of us. You see, there are a number of problems with wind generation and perhaps we should discuss this for a moment.

Fuel-Saving Products And Devices On The Market – People Need More Than Mere User Feedback As Basis

There is a wide range of fuel-saving products and devices which are made available on the global market now that energy and fuel consumption have become a growing concern that more and more people are learning more about. Most these products and devices are only backed up by feedback from people who great things to say based on the results they’ve gotten after using these products and devices which are aimed to help cut down overall fuel consumption. Most people are inclined to saying how much they have managed to cut down on their fuel consumption, allowing…

President Obama’s Green Energy Jobs

Is President Obama’s proposed opening up millions of jobs to replace some of the millions lost in the recession by pushing development in the field of green energy realistic? Dr. Wald investigates the energy production options and what is really possible right now.

Risky Chemicals in the Environment and Protecting Yourself

Risky chemicals in the environment have increased drastically in the last couple of years. Some of these are due to human influence.

Alternative Energy Sources: The Future of Clean Energy

Alternative energy sources will play a vital role to ensure a clean environment. Extensive campaigns will make the people aware about their benefits.

Portable Sinks for Daycare – A Healthy and Wise Choice

Investing in portable sinks for daycare centers is very important. In fact, there are a lot of great benefits for choosing such equipment to be used in facilities like day cares. Everybody would agree that this is probably one of the wisest and most convenient ways to protect our children. Daycare centers and even preschool centers must stay true to their words in keeping children safe and healthy while under their care. A good sink for children for every classroom would be ideal and practical as well.

Keep Kids Healthy With Portable Sinks for Classrooms

Since most kids don’t commonly complain about minor symptoms of sickness until they feel very weak and in pain for a day or two, it is important to keep them safe and healthy at all times. As a good and effective preventive measure, kids should start learning about proper hand washing at home and even at school. By letting them practice the routine every single day, kids will soon get used to the habit of keeping their hands clean before taking in any food products.

Prevent Illnesses in School children by Putting Portable Sinks in Every Classroom

Wherever you go, the existence of germs is something that you cannot avoid. Places that are usually crowded with many people often pose the highest risks for spread of infection and disease. As for your kids, the school is among one of the crowded areas that they are staying. With so many kids around some of whom can be coughing, sneezing and bearing allergies, it becomes very easy for young schoolchildren to become ill. However, there is one sure way to prevent illnesses in these kids and this is by putting portable sinks for every classroom.

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