Unboxing & testing the Sequre spot welder for DIY batteries

A Package Deal for Solar Energy Is a Great Investment

With stand alone power systems, you can say goodbye to the control and the cost of being on the grid. Electricity is something we take for granted being able to use around our home or business. Yet we are reminded of it each time we open up those bills. It is easier than you may believe to get changed over for good. Stand alone power systems are also more affordable than you think.

Things to Know About Solar Energy

Solar energy is quickly becoming a new way for families that are off the grid to enjoy the same luxuries that many families with electricity do. As the cost of running electricity to rural areas continues to increase, and the cost of installing renewable energy systems decreases, this is now the most cost effective option.

The Sun Doesn’t Shine All Night: Why Energy Storage Matters

Although public support for renewable power has skyrocketed, the long-term reliability of solar and wind depends heavily on successful solutions for energy storage. Here are four possible ideas that could take the lithium battery out of the conversation.

History of Oil and Gas in Nigeria

Hey guys, I decided to write this article because I noticed a lot of people do not even have a clue about the history of the main stay of the Nigerian economy (Crude Oil) and how this industry came about (although it is literally everywhere). With the words below I hope to enlighten you a little about the history of the Nigerian oil and gas industry. There is a lot of content on this and I have tried to break it up into early history, mid history and recent history.

The Value Of Investing In Renewable Energy

The success of the Department of Energy’s (DoE) Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Procurement (REIPPP) Programme is a shining example of South Africa’s ability to undertake large infrastructure programmes to boost the local economy despite the current period of slow growth internationally. This public-private partnership programme has allowed for energy growth and successful private investment, which contrasts with a number of other international renewable energy programmes that have faced difficulties and setbacks.

What Type of Backup Power Do I Need? Generator or UPS?

What are the differences between generators and uninterruptible power systems? Which type of backup power do I need?

Switching to Alternative Energy Will Not Hurt Our Economy Will It?

Switching to alternative energy shouldn’t hurt our economy much if the natural flow of change occurs in the market, for example alternative energy technologies advance and become more efficient and cost less than fossil fuels, but we are allowing the AGW people to tax and regulate fossil fuels out of existence by having a proxy war using government and then giving the spoils of war to the alternative energy sector, subsidizing makes industries weak so they are non-competitive and bloated like overweight diabetics who won’t stop eating for instance. When we do that we lopside the…

Large Scale Solar Can Compete On Price Per Energy Unit Now

We are told by Nobel Prize Winners, Former Vice Presidents, and top scientists that Large Scale Solar can compete dollar for dollar with fossil fuels, coal and natural gas. But if this is the case how come even government funded projects cannot compete today, as they keep filing bankruptcy? Well, there are lots of reasons really, but let’s stop and analyze these issues shall we?

Studies Show That We Absorb Energy From Other People

Have you ever felt tired after dealing with some people and not know why? Here’s the answer!

Future of Solar Power

The future of solar power and the market for solar energy will grow through 2050. Here is a speech about the future of Solar power.

An Alternate Energy Source Is On Offer!

The article highlights the importance of fostering relationship. With a reliable service provider is supplying solar lights in vulnerable communities.

The Nuclear Learning Climate

In such a highly-regulated and controlled environment as the nuclear sector, the accurate measurement and assessment of processes and procedures against standards is critical. Training and workforce development standards are just as critical, but are they being fully addressed? This articles explores the need for improved standardisation of not just the training content elements, but also the delivery component.

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