Urtopia eBike Review – Ultra Light Carbon, Belt Drive, Torque Sensor Electric Bike!

This is the new Urtopia Carbon e-Bike. It’s 
an electric bike made of carbon fiber and   packed with tons of high-end features: 
a torque sensor, carbon belt drive,   and smart tech like a built in Radar system 
with turn signals that project onto the ground. It even has a smart bar with a 
built-in display, Voice control,   haptic feedback, and security 
features like fingerprint   unlock and a 4G connection with GPS 
for tracking and theft protection. With a price at $2,800 – it’s a contender 
for other high end eBike like Van Moof   or the Cowboy electric bikes. Urtopia 
sent us a review unit for a couple weeks   so we could put all the components and features 
to the test. We’ll put links to this model eBike   along with deals and coupons to save you 
money in the description of this video. Let’s get right into it. Unboxing the bike, it 
comes in a box that makes it easy to unpack. You   lay the box flat and pull open the box and remove 
the cover. Inside is the bike neatly secured in   the packaging, along with the charger, saddle, 
user manual, and the battery in another box.

The bike is 90% installed, all you need to do is 
install the handlebar and front wheel. Urtopia   made a great assembly video 
that shows it step by step. Looking at the design and build quality of 
the electric bike, it has a sleek look with   most of it made of Carbon Fiber: the frame, 
fork, handlebar and even the seat post tube   are made of carbon fiber, with a 
twist design underneath the seat post-   giving it a futuristic look while allowing the 
seat post to be adjustable. All that carbon   makes the entire bike super lightweight, 
making it 30lbs – including the battery. The bike frame comes in 2 sizes, Medium and Large,   and the review model we got is medium- which 
is suitable for riders up to 5 ft 11 or 180cm.

Looking at the components, the motor is a 
smaller 250 watt hub motor in the rear wheel.   The drivetrain is single speed with a Gates Carbon 
Drive CDN belt. Having a belt instead of a chain   means it’s smooth, quiet and clean with no oils- 
meaning no more grease stains on your pants.   It’s also maintenance free and Urtopia 
says it should last up to 30,000km,   or about 18,000 miles of 
riding before being replaced. The Urtopia also features a Torque sensor. 
These are found on higher end eBikes,   whereas many lower cost eBikes use a cadence 
sensor. The Torque Sensor determines how much   force the rider is applying to the pedals, and 
applies power to the output accordingly. This   means the motor engages quickly, and when riding 
you almost forget the motor is there helping you. Now, keep in mind the Urtopia doesn’t have a 
throttle, so it’s a pedal assist bike only.

Riding the Urtopia, it feels light and nimble. 
It has a top speed 20mph and once you reach the   top speed, the motor effectively stops helping 
you and you’re pedaling on just human power.   But since it’s a single speed you’ll be 
limited by how fast your legs can pedal.   When riding up hills, it will take on 
moderately steep hills, but you’ll want   to turn on Turbo mode and add some extra leg 
power to push it to the top for steeper hills. For braking, It has hydraulic disc 
brakes, with no branding on them   so we’re not sure who manufactures them. 
But they work well to bring the bike to   a quick stop and you can easily lock up the tires. The battery is a 360 watt hour, removable battery 
that sits flush into the frame of the bike,   with a key lock.

You can either charge the battery 
in the bike, or remove it to charge inside. The   charger is a 4amp fast charger, so it can fully 
recharge the battery in 2 and a half hours. Looking at the range, Urtopia advertises a 
30-80 mile range that will vary depending   on factors like your weight, the mode you ride 
in, and terrain you ride. In our range tests,   we found that you can get around 30-40 
miles of range going fast riding in mode 3,   while you’ll get the 60 to 80 miles 
of range when riding in Eco mode. Getting into all the smart tech this ebike 
has to offer, the SmartBar is well designed,   with the LED dot display integrated inside.

pexels photo 7650393

display is bright and easy to see, even during   the daylight and shows you relevant details: 
current speed, battery level and speed mode. For the controls, On the left hand 
side is the multi button control.   Pressing the up or down button will change 
between the 4 pedal assist modes- Comfort,   Sport and Turbo. You can also turn off the 
motor altogether if you want to go all manual. Pressing and holding the left button for 3 
seconds will turn on the headlight and tail light.   The headlight is also integrated into the smart 
bar, and is a StVZO headlight- meaning it’s   designed to keep the beam focused directly on the 
road and out of the eyes of other riders or cars. On the right hand side of the 
handlebar is the fingerprint sensor.   You program your fingerprint using the app 
when you first setup, and you can unlock   the bike either using the fingerprint 
sensor, or with the app using bluetooth. The fingerprint sensor also functions 
as a button. Pressing it once beeps   the horn. You can also customize the 
horn with different sounds in the app. To turn on the turn signals, you press either 
the left or right button.

It will show you   on the display the turn signal is on, and the 
rear tail light will emit a projection of the   signal onto the ground. But unfortunately 
the projection light isn’t very bright,   and cars are probably not going to be 
looking out for those on the ground.   We wish the turn signals were placed directly on 
the back with bright arrows or lights blinking. When you use the turn signals, it will 
automatically turn on the built-in millimeter   wave radar to check for cars behind you. If it 
detects a car, the handlebar will vibrate to   alert you. While this is useful, it’s only 
activated when you have the turn signal on. If you press and hold the circular button it 
will activate the voice controls.

You can give it   commands to change volume levels, ride modes, and 
even turn on and off the headlight. It’s useful,   but in our tests we found that it doesn’t 
always capture the voice commands,   so you can’t rely on it consistently. Looking at the phone app, it has a clean UI and 
lots of different features including a dashboard   that shows bike details like battery life, an 
interactive map, a detailed ride report of each   ride, and you can even go in and re-play your ride 
path. It even has a calorie counter and Co2 saved. The bike even has Over the Air firmware updates,   and you can expect Urtopia will keep rolling out 
new updates and features for the bike over time.   For example, later this year they will 
add the ability to see turn by turn GPS   notifications inside the Smartbar LED.

They will 
also improve the voice commands in the smart bar. For locking, you press and hold the down button, 
or using a voice control. Once the bike is locked,   there’s a gyro and accelerometer 
so it knows if the bike is moved   and will turn on the alarm– which is 
a loud alarm and vibration. However,   we found that the alarm didn’t seem to always come 
on, after locking the bike and trying to move it. The Urtopia even has a 4G eSIM built in, so 
it can track the location of the bike using   its own cellular connection. This makes it 
perfect for theft prevention, and the 4G   service is included for 1 year. After that, it’s 
$30/year, which is a reasonable price to charge. There are a few features we wish the Urtopia 
had included on the bike. For example it doesn’t   have any fenders or mud flaps, so you definitely 
don’t want to be riding in the rain or puddles. Also, the seat post adjustment does need an Allen 
key, so you won’t be able to adjust it on the fly.

But overall, we think this is a great eBike packed   with tons of features that most other 
Electric Bikes don’t even include.   It’s certainly a contendender to others 
like the Van Moof or Cowboy eBikes. Alright that’s it for now. 
Next- be sure to check out   our other eBike reviews and comparisons videos..

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