What is the Range of an E -bike Battery ? EXPLAINED Part 2

All the batteries have 2 characteristics : voltage
and capacity . If you multiply these 2 numbers you will get the total amount of energy stored
in the battery : Like let's say : 24v x 20 amps = 480 wh . Now this total amount of energy
will be distributed gradualy by the controler and you will get a range accordingly . So
if you use a constant and continuesly 120 w for one trip , your battery will last 4
hour per one full charge . But remember that using just 120 w will not make you feel a
big difference on the roads .You got to use 250 w or morein order to pedal easy and feel
confortable on your ride . As I showed in a previous video , E bikes have different
levels of pedal assist : Like : eco ,low , medium and high ! and behind these words the controler
will take different amountof wh from the battery to assist you . Now that i made this point
clear , let's take a look at the voltage aspect . We find in general 3 main tipes of voltage
on an e-bike : 24 , 36 and 48 v which in real life will reflect on how powerfull your e-bike
will be .

So an e-bike set-up with 48v configuration will accelerate faster and climb hills easier
compared to a 24 or 36 v configuration . If I give amps to these 3 batteries , let's say
: 20 , 15 and 10 the bike set-up with 48 v will still accelerate faster than the other
2 even though it has less amps . Now if you notice these 2 batteries have the same amount
of Wh which meens that in theory you will be able to travel the same distance with both
batteries . But yet the difference is that with 48 v you will travel faster and the battery
will discharge quicker compared to 24 v which is build for slow rides , therefore lasting
longer due to it's 20 amps capacity . At the end I made an ilustration to help you answer
the question : How long does an e-bike battery last ? . Imagine that the battery is a bottle
with water turned upside down and the water starts pooring .

pexels photo 7706574

In this case , the wh is
the total amount of water , th voltage is how much water comes out or the size of the
top of the bottle and the amperage is the time necessary until the water poors out completely
. So if you wanna get higher voltage , than you will need a larger top of the bottle which
will result in the bottle getting empty quicker .Therefore if you wanna add more watter to
increase the amps the voltage will probabily stay the same unless you want to upgrade them
as well but you will deffinately get a higher range for the ebike once you put more water
in the bottle . All right guys, that was it ! Thanks for watching , I hope you understood
what I explained here , subscribe and stay tuned for more videos , And I will see you
next time !!

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