What Noise Is My E Bike Making? | How To Silence your EMTB Noises

your amount and bike should be near silent went out and about on the trails you might hear a little worker coming from the motor you might hear someone shout and cheat at you but those noises are nothing to worry about there are a few noises that could mean something a little bit more ominous going on with the ebike today we're taking a look at some of the main offenders and how you can rectify them [Music] one of the most annoying noises on your ebike particularly when you're tackling tech terrain it's chained slap now this is where the change slaps up and down you can hit the chainstay echo and all the way through the main frame of the bike now common mistake particularly if you've been working on your bike and removing the rear wheel is to leave the clutch off so the collection needs to be switched on therefore that's gonna stop the MEK moving forward and create in that chain slap if you leave it off the chain is quite free to move forward you can at that horrible chain slap on every single descent [Music] another common noise coming from the rear mech area is where your gears aren't indexed properly now indexing means that when you click the shifter the derailleur moves up one cog either up or down now if this index and isn't quite correct you're gonna get the chain the cassette and it's gonna be trying to jump between gears either up or down now this amplified with the motor can mean you're gonna get a load of noise coming from that rear mech so you need to get on the barrel adjuster on the shifter and just increase or decrease that tension just make sure every time you click that button it's going to denote one gear shift up or down the cassette [Music] the chain on your amounting bike is one of the main offenders when it comes to noise now the chain is responsible for taking all that power from the motor and delivering it to the back wheel you change rusty honest it's not lewd with the correct Lube you're gonna get a lot of noise coming from that sickly if it's rusty it's gonna sound like a budgerigar going down the trail it's really important to leave your chain in the correct ray with the correct Lube as well so if you're riding the DRI make sure you run it running dry condition lubes if you're riding in the rain and the wet make sure you're putting a wet leave on there really important to keep that chain lube because it can to make it absolute racket if it's running dry [Music] the brakes on Yuri mountain-bike can be responsible for a lot of noise too one of the main ones is brake rub now this comes from maybe a bent rotor when you've been transporting your bike it's quite common to get that road too bent or even in a crash or hitting something on the trail can cause those rotors to bend now you're gonna need a rotor trim tool to pull that rotor nicely back in to true it is quite tricky you can't get the correct tools but maybe take it down to your bike shop to make sure that rotors nice and true another noise that is really nasty that comes from your a bike can be contaminated disc now this is pretty common if you've been lube in your chain you can get a bit of overspray drift onto that rotor meaning that the rotor is gonna get covered in oil every time you press a brake it sounds like a squealing banshee coming from the back of the bike you're not gonna have a lot of power but you're gonna have a lot of noise now the only option to get rid of that noise some fresh brake pads in clean that rotor off and that braking should sound all good again the next nasty noise is creeks now this can come from the front end of the bike the bar and stem it can come from your saddle and your seat post or maybe even from your bottom bracket your cranks and your pedals now creeks can absolutely do your head in now the only way to remedy this is to go for the creeks elimination process so you need to know if that creeks come in when you pedal in or is it when your freewheel and it's it when you're in the saddle or out the saddle is it when you're cranking hard it's quite hard to find out where those creeks are coming from but once you've found that creeks is time to take apart that component give it a good clean give it a bit of a lube up and just make sure it's cranked back up to that manufacturer's specifications [Music] the cassette on your amounting bike can be quite a high wear item now a noise that does develop when the cassette is worn is that chain jumping and skipping around and the load particularly in these smaller cogs on the cassette it's quite common if you're commuting on your bike to where these smaller cogs out the noise is pretty nasty it's gonna be popping and skipping and you're not gonna get any power to that back wheel now the only way to remedy this is to replace the chain and a cassette at the same time you should be able to get rid of that horrible noise coming from the back wheel so that's it I hope that's helped you guys out some of those noises that are coming from your amount in bikes but let us know down in the comments about anyways and little hacks that you've got removing those noises check out the video that's also playing that da DS done about how to look after a mounted bike because thumbs up if you enjoyed it don't forget to hit the globe in the middle of the screen to subscribe to en bien

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