What To Do If Your E Bike Won’t Start | Common E-MTB Problems

– We all love riding our e-bikes but they are pretty
complex pieces of machinery and you will encounter some
problems along the way. Sometimes they won't turn on, sometimes you get an error code. So today, we're going to go
through all those reasons your e-bike might not start, or work. (upbeat music) So first up, you want to check that this spoke magnet is actually on your spokes. These have a habit of coming loose, sliding down the spokes, or even totally falling off.

Also you want to make
sure that that is in-line with the speed sensor on the swing arm or your frame as well. There's a specific measurement for that, so just make sure it
hasn't crept out of that because you won't get any speed reading and your motor won't work. (upbeat music) Now if you're running
the Shimano E8000 system on your bike as a lot
of bikes do these days, it's really worth checking that if your motor won't turn on, or you've got no display
on your head unit, is that you haven't pulled
out one of the wires that plugs into the
back of the unit itself.

It's quite easy to pull these out if you're transporting
your bike or if you crash. So just get down there make sure no wires are dangling down. (upbeat music) If the e-bike seems totally dead then one thing you want to check is the actual battery connection. Now have you rushed and put that battery in there incorrectly? With these designs it's a simple push, and a click. They should fall into
there nice and solid. It's worth giving it a good shake, to make sure that battery's
fully installed properly, before you go out and hit the trails, because if that battery flies out, it's not going to be a lot of fun, and your e-bike definitely won't work.

(upbeat music) Now we're all keen to get
cracking on our e-bike rides. And now this applies to you
if you're a Shimano user. If you power up that system, with your weight on the pedals, or are pedaling when you
switch the system on, it's going to throw a error code up W013. And it will beep away at you and will provide no assistance.

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What you need to do, is take your feet off the pedals, turn the bike off, then turn it on again, without any of your feet on the pedals or loading up the drive system. (upbeat music) We all know that our
e-bikes run on batteries, but did you know on some of
the older style head units and some of the Bosch like the Purion, can actually run on their
own internal cell batteries. Sometimes these can actually run flat and they won't give you any head unit reading whatsoever. So check those batteries aren't flat. (upbeat music) Now one of the most simple mistakes is forgetting to charge your battery, or placing a battery in your bike that you think is charged
and it's actually not. Did you actually remember to charge it? Was it plugged in correctly? Was the shed too cold and
it dropped below minus? That way your battery won't charge. Just make sure that the battery you are plugging into your e-bike, is definitely, fully charged.

(upbeat music) Some brands such as Specialized, use an internal battery in the downtube. And the way they connect
this battery to the motor is by a male and female connection, usually down by the bottom bracket area. You need to check that this connection is snapped fit, nice and tight. Is it actually connected, or is it just flopping
around in the breeze? And also you want to check, those little pins, and the connection, it isn't got dirt or water, or any trail debris in there, because you're not going to
get any power from the battery, to your motor, you won't be going, anywhere.

(upbeat music) Now the dreaded error code flashing up on your head unit. It can be pretty daunting but sometimes it can be
something a little less sinister, like the spoke magnet has slipped down, or you haven't got one. Best bet is to refer
to your owner's manual, have a look at those error
codes that come with the bike. Or if you are feeling, something is definitely not right, it's time to head to the dealer, and hopefully they can sort it out. So there you go, that's a few of the common problems why your e-bike might not turn on, or it might not even work. Now as cliche as this sounds, quite a lot of those problems can be eradicated by simply
turning the system off, and then back on again. You might want to remove
the battery as well and just check that
connections all good as well. But if you guys have got any comments, about how you've got
going on your e-bike ride, drop us some in the comments box below.

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