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E-Bike Bosch Intuvia Display: Bedienung und Einstellung

Hello, it's me again your Willi from Fafit24! Today I will explain the Bosch Intuvia Display to you. Let's get to the normal functions first: As you can see, we…

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Top 10 Electric Tricycle 2022

the EVELO COMPASS is not just another tricycle it's so much more to so many riders it represents freedom, it represents safety and stability the COMPASS is the perfect companion for riders of…

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Is This The Best Giant Electric Mountain Bike For The Money? Giant Trance X E+ 2 Pro 29 Review

How's it going everyone? It's Austen from Fly  Rides. We are out here at Rocky Peak again,   and, as you can see, it's incredibly hot,  super sunny. And to continue…

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Personal Transports | 5 Futuristic Ebikes | Vehicle Design

Have you ever wanted an electric  motorbike so sturdy that it could   carry nearly ten grown men without buckling? Come along as we showcase one  such bike that is lightweight  …

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How To: E-Bike richtig einstellen I Sattel, Vorbau und Bremsen abstimmen

Hi, I'm Tim from Product Management at Kalkhoff and I'll show you how to properly adjust the saddle and handlebars of your bicycle. We start with the correct saddle position….

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Billig E-Bike… Gut ? oder Schlecht ? 1 Jahr und 1000 Km ! Prophete E-Bike Prophete Entdecker 28

hello and welcome to this video today it's about riding an e bike, especially an e bike i bought a cheap ebay almost a year ago that is the prophete…

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Himo H1 Micro E-Bike- Test Drive at the World’s Largest Electronics Market!

Hey everyone! Today I have something fun- a teeny tiny e-bike my friends at Scootz, an e-bike and e-scooter online store sent me. They're all the way in Vancouver Canada…

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5 Carpark Tricks To Impress Your Mates | E Bike Skills

(dreamy music) – Oh! The carpark is a great place to warm up before you hit the trails and practice some of those skills. It's also a great area to…

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Neil’s Sea Otter Race Bike: The Giant Full E+ 0 SX | GMBN Pro Bikes

– This bike check is slightly different. It's an e-bike and it's the e-bike that I've just rode in my very first e-mountain bike race. This is a Giant Full-E+…

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Why do soooo many EBIKES have FAT TIRES? 5 Things to know

Kyle: There's five things you should  know about why e-bikes tend to have   fat tires. And those are…. Jeralee: I don't know what they  are. Just the who, what, where,…