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specialized have been making e-bikes since 1974 and for the past while that's included e-bikes in this video i'm going to compare two of their active line e-bikes and let you know who i think each is best suited for i'd like to thank specialized for sponsoring this video and loaning me two of their e-bikes the turbo vato and the turbo vato sl both e-bikes are from the specialized active range which is designed to be fun and help keep you active they're great for both recreational riding and transport they have many similarities so let's start by taking a look at those both of these e-bikes are from specialized active range they both have mid-drive motors which are currently the most natural feeling type of motor found on an e-bike today they both have integrated led lights that are always on so some daytime running lights which are great for safety and they can be configured with racks and fenders the turbo vato comes with them as standard and the turbo vato sl comes with them in the eq package you can add a range extender to both of these bikes to extend the battery's range and they both come in step through frames as i have here and as well the more traditional straighter top tube they're both compatible with the mission control app this app lets you tweak the bike's power settings or you can just leave the settings as is and just ride it also allows you to record your rides and gives you a ton of stats as well as helping you make sure your firmware is the most up-to-date and one of the things i like about specialize their years of building bikes shows these bikes both come with ergonomic handlebar grips and decent saddles now let's get on to how they are different at first glance the obvious difference between the bikes is weight the turbo vato sl comes in at just under 15 kilograms and the turbo vatto with its rack and fenders comes in around 24 kilograms this makes the sl a good option for those that might have to lift the bike regularly to bring it up a flight of stairs or onto a train it's pretty much the average weight of a normal bike the difference in weight also affects the handling of the bike the turbo battle sl is nippy and nimble and the turbo valve is sturdy and stable no matter the surface you're riding on which brings me to the next difference geometry the turbo vatto has a more upright position it has 650b wheels and 2.4 inch tires along with front suspension these things combined make for a really stable ride and a great line of sight for maneuvering around cities it's a really comfortable bike to ride and probably the most stable bike i've ever ridden the tires are pathfinder and they're one of my favorites they have great grip on and off road these combined with the front suspension absorb bumps and almost flatten out cobbles i also feel a lot more confident riding over train tracks on this bike and that says a lot because they kind of terrify me you can see the difference in the geometry when you look at the saddles as compared to the handlebars so on the turbo battle sl the handlebars are slightly lower or in line with the saddle depending on your leg length and on the turbo vatto the saddle is slightly lower than the handlebars which is how you get the more upright position both bikes have mid-drive motors and they're made in-house by specialized but how they deliver the power is slightly different with every e-bike you have to put in some effort and that effort is then amplified by how much is determined by what mode you have the bike in and both of these bikes have three modes eco sport and turbo the turbo battle sl has specializes super light motor hence the sl in the name this returns up to two times assist this means that if you turn a cis up to the max then the bike will double your efforts so if you pedal with a hundred watts the biker will return you 200 watts assist the turbo vato can return up to four times assist you might ask why would you want less assist well it really comes down to your reasons for riding if you're riding for fitness or to maintain fitness after an injury and you just need help up hills then the turbo battle sl two times power is plenty it's still responsive and fun and it feels so much like a normal bike just that you've gotten stronger legs and due to the smaller battery and lighter weight of the bike running out of battery is no problem the bike is still really ridable the turbo bottom four times assist is great for those who want to get up to speed quickly and maintain that speed more effortlessly a lot of people who are new to cycling find that gives them extra confidence when they're mixing with traffic if you live somewhere really hilly the extra assist will flatten out hills even more and if you'll be adding weight to the bike like a child on a child seat or a trailer then you'll notice that weight a lot less however you'll still get exercise no matter which of these e-bikes you ride and how much is up to you when you decide which mode to ride in and that's what makes e-bikes so great they're so versatile one of the reasons that the turbo vato sl looks so sleek is because the battery is built into the frame now that's something to keep in mind if you need to charge your battery away from your bike in the turbo vado the battery can be removed and it can also be charged in the bike either way the battery on the turbo bottle sl is a 320 watt hour battery and the one on the turbo vato is a 530 i believe and so it's a slightly bigger battery the motor the motor is more powerful though and as far as how much range that gets you well a lot of things affect range the weight of the rider or the weight of stuff on the bike the terrain the wind so if you want to find out the range of these bikes for you i recommend going on specialized website and they have a turbo range calculator so you can put in your weight in the terrain you ride on and it will give you an estimate of what range you'll get for each of these bikes so that's sort of the best way to get a real-world picture of what these bikes can do for you but they also both have available a range extender that you can buy and add onto the bike to extend that range if you need so which one of these bikes is for you well they are both some of the smoothest most natural feeling e-bikes i've ridden they're both great for transport and utility cycling as well as recreational and trail riding and road riding so they're really both versatile bikes and their pathfinder tires are great for handling both road and trail riding the turbo battle sl is best for those who are fit maybe have an injury or who want to get fit and want a bike for getting around town without having to worry about sweating or is great for those who want a light nippy bite for weekend adventures it's so easy to lift up and put on bike racks and trains the two times assist is enough assist to make it fun to help you get into shape or keep fit after an injury the turbo battle is an incredibly stable ride which makes it great for those new to cycling it's great for those who don't have to worry about the weight of a bike who just want to get up hills fast it's also the better bike for those who have to carry weight like a child or a trailer filled with a week full of groceries with its front suspension and large volume tires it's also great for those who want to adventure off-road as you'd expect you can buy both of these bikes on specialized website i put the links for you below and should i have missed anything or there's something you want to ask don't hesitate to put your questions in the comments below i have a few more videos on e-bikes coming up shortly including how to look after your battery and what you should know before buying an e-bike so be sure to subscribe so you don't miss out on those and as always thanks for watching until the next video

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