Why do soooo many EBIKES have FAT TIRES? 5 Things to know

Kyle: There's five things you should 
know about why e-bikes tend to have   fat tires. And those are…. Jeralee: I don't know what they 
are. Just the who, what, where, Jeralee: who, what, when, where, why got it. Kyle: Who, what, when, where, why? Who, what,   who, what, where, when, why? That's 
fine. Where's your Bolton Ebikes shirt? I don't know.

Where's yours? Kyle: Uh, that's better. Jeralee: Much better! It is a fat tire. Let me ask you this   question. I'm going to ask you a 
question. How wide is a fat tire? Jeralee: A fat tire bike is this one,   that one and that one. And they ranged 
between 3.7 inches to five plus. Kyle: It's almost like we rehearsed that. 
I bet if you ask the average person who   is writing a fat tire bike, they would have 
no idea. What's considered a fat tire bike,   and what's not, it's not like 
there's an official cutoff line,   but generally speaking, I'd say above three 
and a half inches, some people say 3.7. Some people might say four 
somewhere in that neighborhood,   too. Yes. Over five inches as 
an exam. This is a four point.   Very nice. So this is a 4.5 inch tire. The other 
thing that changes is the rim. This is a very wide   100 millimeter. Now, if we come over to this bike, 
this is only about. Vanna White movement in there. This is only about a 60 millimeter.

I have seen 
some rims even bigger than that, but those are so Who actually made the fat tires? Jeralee: Am I supposed to answer this question? Kyle: Yes. So doing a little bit of digging, 
multiple sources seem to cite the   same two names. If you will. One 
is a person and one is a company. The person that comes up first is 
Mark Groenwald or Mark Groenwald. But   he is basically attributed as somebody who 
was. Fat tire bikes. And he is the one who   actually coined the term fat tire. 
The second, who was a bicycle company   Surly.

And in 2005, they introduced the very 
first mass produced fat bike, the Surly Pugsley. And I'll probably put a 
picture of that, right here. Jeralee: Surly Pugsley. So now 
we know the who and the when. Kyle: Next we have where, and I'm not gonna.   Where specifically where they invented, where 
were the actually used? The first place was… Jeralee: On was road trip in the snow. Kyle: Not on a road trip. They were first used 
in snowy or icy cold conditions in areas where   you needed a wider tire to float over the surface. In fact, a guy named, Daniel Burton 
actually rode a fat bike to the South Pole. Jeralee: Wouldn't that be freezing cold? Kyle: Yes. That would be very cold. Jeralee: Can you imagine right 
into this South Pole on an ebike? Kyle: I don't think I'll be doing a video on that. Jeralee: I don't think so either. 
So does that cover our, Why?   Fat tire bikes, the where, but we're not done yet. Kyle: We've forgot to mention the desert. Jeralee: Where's the desert? Kyle: Not where is the desert, the other, where 
is the fact that people were using fat tires   in the desert to ride across sand, 
supposedly around the same time.

Jeralee: So that covers why fat tire 
were invented in the first place. Kyle: Yes. And that does kind of start into the 
why, because they needed him for the terrain. I step into the to just slightly. Jeralee: What are the downsides? Kyle: It's good question. There are obviously 
some downsides which would be weight fat tires,   obviously weigh a lot more going to slow you down. 
At first, my thought is people thought that tires   were going to be kind of like a fad or a niche 
product, where it was only used in snow and sand.

pexels photo 6249461

And then somebody decided to put them on an 
ebike and we don't really know who the very   first person was, but one thing's for sure is 
that fat tire ebikes over the last several years   have taken off rather quickly. And I think 
that's because people realize that there are   some other benefits. Do you 
know what any of those are? Jeralee: Aren't they more comfortable to ride? Kyle: Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner. Jeralee: Or as I said earlier, the 
more luxurious to ride more luxuries. Kyle: We will have to keep that in. Keeping it, keeping it in now. I know what the demographics of it, YouTube 
videos typically are. And you just have to ask   yourself if you're watching this right now, are 
you somewhere between the ages of say 50 and 75? If you are, you are the average 
age of the person buying an ebike   and the truth is the number one thing is…. Jeralee: They have a softer ride. Kyle: They do. So even though the downside 
is weight ebikes are already usually a bit   heavier than average.

And the other downside 
is that then theory, they might slow you down,   but you have a motor. So who really cares if it's 
going to slow you down.   That just means you'll use in theory a little 
bit more battery. But the advantage of having   all of that extra traction and stability 
and the softer more comfortable ride,   I think. And obviously you think, because 
that's what you buy is well worth it. Kyle: Now, one of the things we didn't 
mention yet is why are they softer? And that's because of the tire pressure. It might 
be a little hard to read on the sidewall here,   but this says minimum of 5 PSI and a maximum. 30 
PSI. Thirty would typically feel like a flat tire   on any other bicycle, but on fat tires, it's 
not uncommon to see maximum PSI as low as 20.

So you have a very large volume of air, but 
not a lot of pressure. So these are very soft,   very smooth, very comfy. They 
absorb a lot of these small   bumps in the road. And when comfort 
is king, it just makes more sense. Kyle: What are you doing over there? Jeralee: I was comparing. Kyle: This is the Foxbat that comes 
with 26 inch by four inch wide tires. This is the Saber that also 
comes with 26 by four inch tires. And what if on occasion you decide 
you don't need that much comfort. You'd like something a little more 
maneuverable, a little bit lighter. Could you go away from fat tires on a fat tire? Jeralee: Of course you can. They're 
right here. Let's show 'em off! Kyle: So, this is also a Foxbat. It's exactly the same bike as this 
one, but in a different color.

But as you can see, it has 27 and a 
half by 3 inch wheels. So that means the   rim diameter is actually a little 
bit bigger and the tire is narrower. So this is an optional wheel set. 
It's not an option on the bike   when we ship it out, but it's a 
wheel set you can buy separately. So if you want to turn your fat tire bike 
into something slightly less than a fat tire   bike on occasion, you can buy an additional 
wheel set and the wheel sets are interchange. So you can even have, for example, a summer 
set of tires and a winter set of tires. If you   live in a snowy area and you want some tires 
that are really wide, maybe even they've got   studs on them for ice, you could do 
that and then have a separate wheel set. That is really simple to remove because this is 
a mid drive bike. You've got a quick release in   front and a quick release in the room. Making it 
really easy to swap the wheels completely out.

So the Fox bat and the Saber are really 
versatile because they can be a fat bike when   you want them to be and more of a mountain 
bike style tire, and wheel combination. When you don't quite need it, if you 
like the comfort of the fat tire.   But you like the agility of 
the narrower tires? Yeah. Jeralee: Suspension Seatpost and still 
have the comfort that you're looking for. And we'll link that video. Kyle: It's right there. Just go 
right there to watch that video..

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