Windgoo B20 Budget Folding Electric Bike Review | €489,99 Portable Bike

[Upbeat Music] Hello everyone here is BK42 and 
welcome back to another e-bike review  today I want to show you the Windgoo B20, which is 
an affordable and portable folding electric bike  the Windgoo B20 comes in 
14-inch tires, 350W hub motor 36V, 6Ah battery and weighs about 
24 kilograms setting up this bike  is very easy as you can see in this video here and just be aware that the battery comes almost empty talking about the battery, it takes four to five 
hours to charge this 36V, 6Ah battery  the battery cannot be removed and must be 
charged using this little charging port here  they claim a 21km range, of course, I will 
be testing the real range in this video  and the max speed is 25 km/h   and that is the legal limit the brakes are good they are mechanical brakes with 160 mil rotors 
and they stop the bike shortly when used  the are motor inhibitors that cut the 
engine power as soon the brakes are used  the integrated rear brake light 
and the front light are great they are connected to the main battery.

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you pull the brakes you can see it comes on  to turn the lights on, you press and hold the red 
button for three seconds and the light comes on  and obviously press and hold to turn it off the lights are powerful the front LED can be seen during bright days
there is no LCD display and no pedal assistance  the display to the right of the bar shows the 
battery status and there is also a throttle  the throttle only works after you start cycling
in other words, you need to start pedaling   to activate the motor
once the bike is moving   you can use the throttle all the time
the green button is the cruise control   trigger and it really works well
It can be activated at any speed  If you don’t want to use the electric on 
it, you can just pedal like a usual bike but the one-speed gear is quite limited, so 
don’t expect much of pedaling in this bike  but pedaling with the electric on 
will give us some extra range for sure  there is no electric horn, but 
it comes with a small bell though  the max load recommended is 120KG and 
it fits riders from 145cm to 185cm  in the rear wheel is the 350-watt motor 
which is a good size for such folding bikes   normally with 250 watt
it definitely helps climb the hills but it's not that strong
the B20 is IP54 waterproof certified but I wouldn’t use it in the heavy rain
folding the bike is easy fold the plastic pedals, then unlock the main fold 
quick release you have to pull it up to release   the locking mechanism and from there you can fold 
the frame, put the quick stand out of the way unlock the handlebar locking ring, and flick 
the main bars down and they will just fold  remove the saddle if you need it super compact  the saddle is surprisingly comfortable 
and the kickstand isn't bad either.   It firmly supports the bicycle
the B20 comes with a pair of plastic   fenders and all the assembly tools you need
after a couple of days using this bike always pedaling to improve the range, the real 
range for me is about 16 and 17 kms  I'm 178cm and I weigh 80kg, so 
it might change for other riders  I think overall it’s a good 
bike if you are looking to commute or looking to nip around the shops
I would love to be able to raise the saddle higher   and rise the bars up and down as well
the build quality is good but there few areas in which it could be 
improved on as such as the saddle tube  for the money that you’re paying for 
what you’re getting you have to accept   some compromises somewhere down the line being a foldable e-bike, the portability is   the great Pro of this bike, you can definitely 
take it anywhere, even inside small cars trunks like this one You can buy the B20 at for 489 Euros
it is very fast shipped and   arrives shortly after ordering it
it comes with a 2-Years warranty and if you change   your mind or something isn’t quite right Windgoo 
offers free returns and exchanges on all orders  that is it for today
if you have any questions, you know what to do…  comment, like, and subscribe
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