Worlds Best Ebike $1500 off! Delfast Black Friday

All the way to the top. we are going straight to the water. Oh, this is a drop we made it that was gangster. Look at this all the way to the Pacific for you guys,
I almost wiped out right there Almost wiped out there, too, but we're still moving. Wow, look at this. What a great ride. I love this bicycle. We're in Newport Beach, California. And you can ride this thing
so perfectly right here along the water. It's incredible. We're about to cross the Newport
Beach pier right now. Look at these colors and absolutely fantastic views here. The traction this thing gets on the water's edge here is just perfect.

You can just go so easy through here. It is amazing Lets speed up now. Oh, it gets going pretty quick. All right, let's look how far we've
when we went all the way over there, all the way across the beach,
this Delfast is amazing. The battery is still full. I mean,
it don't get no better than this bike. This is it. It's the one. Well, I've taken this Delfast
on about the toughest mission you can take it on,
which is a beach in California. I came all the way in
and it was a dirty job, but this bike handles it.

It's impressive. This is the Delfast Top 3.0 electric bicycle. And it goes on the beach. No problem. It's an incredible machine. It's time to race the Ferrari. That thing looks sweet
It is an F8 Tributo He's about to take off. Can I keep up? And he took off pretty quickly blocked them. Oh he’s switching lanes. He knows I'm coming for him. I’m in traffic I’ve done caught up Going for the MAXPASS got him Nice race, Mr. Ferrari on the ebike, pulling Fifty fricken Five MPH
Down Angeles Crest Killin The Game omg another McLaren Go full speed around here Keeping the momentum
58 miles per hour, this things huckin and buckin Yeah. There’s Ferrari. A lot of people out killin the game today. A regular biker. See you later. Goodbye. I'm Delfastin Oh. I'm getting somewhere here.

pexels photo 7018256

There's progress being made. Hey are you MaxWrist? Yeah that’s me Who is the maker of your bike? It’s a Delfast Top 3.0 It’s the longest
travel on a single charge, 200 miles. Really? Yeah, I must have a huge battery there. It does massive and it goes fast. You know it. Oh, yeah. Morning. This must be It’s impressive Looks like the same bike
I’m looking at This the only one like it in the world, but it's a sweet bike yup Delfast.

Yeah, check it out. Top 3.0 e-bike. I mean, it outdid some people
on their motorcycles today. So big
shout out to this incredible machine. Get yours right here!.

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