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Recycled Plastic Lumber – Does it Help the Environment?

Recycled Plastic lumber is a wonderful raw material, it is made entirely of recycled plastic. For instance, unwanted plastic bottles, furniture, plant pots, you name it. If its made of plastic, it can be recycled and used again.

Why Organic Farming is Eco-Friendly

Organic farming is the method of growing plants of fruits, vegetables, as well as ornamental plants like garden plants without using artificial pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. It is the combination of best farming methods used in past and modern scientific knowledge. It acts in accordance with nature instead of opposing it, as seen in conventional farming. The processes involved in organic farming are natural.

Surprising Global Warming Statistics

Global warming is somewhat confusing not to say the least. Scientists don’t agree on many things, we’ve had warming and cooling before, and although clearly humans are having a major impact on the earth and ecosystem, the topic seems as political as it is scientific and rational. What should be a straightforward discussion about facts is anything but that, with even scientists supposedly faking data now.

Smoking and Global Warming

From a hotel room in Central Jakarta, Indonesia news agency Pena’s final report describes the development of the tobacco industry today. This report in the form of 65 pages thick magazine with the headline on the front page “Hypocrisy & Myths Behind the Tobacco Industry”.

Eco-Friendly Vs Organic

I have been talking a lot in previous articles about the terms eco-friendly and organic. Maybe it is about time that I define what I am talking about. Is there a difference between the two, or are they referring to the same thing?

Why Might a Renewable Energy Program Be Right For You?

You have heard about how important it is that we, as a people, start to figure out how to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. This will go into buying more energy efficient products, recycling as much as we can, and reducing the amount of natural resources which we consume.

Moving Forward With Clean Renewable Energy

In the mid 1990s, the California legislature passed a bill deregulating energy pricing. Out of that occurrence came an opportunity for me to help create the California Electric Users Cooperative. Dairy Co-ops, Grape Growers, Sunkist Growers, Calavo Avocado, and several Cotton Co-ops were just a few of the “heavy hitters” who joined up.

Why Eco-Friendly Products Make Sense to Our Economy

No matter what your political persuasion, no matter how convinced you are, despite the mid-January 2010 Supreme Court decision to hand over the power previously held by we, the people, to international corporate interests, that the folks in power still have our best interests at heart, the fact is: our non-renewable resources are dwindling. Rare woods like rosewood, for example, are rapidly disappearing with the ravenous appetite for rainforest resources. We don’t grow rosewood in the United States: we pay a premium importing them from Brazil, India, and Madagascar.

Why Invest in Renewable Energy For Developing Countries?

Why invest in Renewable energy? (Clean, abundant and free) Africa unlike the rest of the world is very rich in largely untapped reserves of renewable energy. We have a large market for renewable energy harvesting equipment. The fact that most parts of Africa do not have centrally generated grid electricity provides a unique opportunity for exploring and implementing renewable energy solutions for the continents development.

The Link Between Global Warming and the Energy in Our Homes

We live in a world where energy has never been so cheap and easy to use. This has led us to waste it on a massive scale, with results that are becoming clearer almost month by month. As the real ecological costs are not included in the prices we pay, we are being sold this energy at an enormous discount. The costs of global warming, resource depletion and acid rain are impossible to calculate, as we simply do not know what their final effects will be.

Becoming Environmentally Friendly – What Can it Do For Your Business?

Going green means more green for your businesses bottom line. Operating a green business is not only good for the environment but it’s good for business.

Eco-Friendly Photo Albums and You

Have you looked at the environmental situation recently, and wondered if there is some way you can get involved in the solution instead of the problem without giving up driving, flying, using your power mower, etc.? Of course, one person can’t turn the clock back to pre-industrialized days alone. But, as the saying goes, every little bit helps. Then, sometimes it turns out to not be a sacrifice at all.

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