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Yamaha cross bike with electric drive Welcome to the MOTORCYCLE NEWS! The two Dutch companies Dohms (development
service provider) and Spike Technologies (electric mobility specialist) are working on a cross
motorcycle with electric drive. Yamaha and the motorcyclist association KNMV
are supporting the project. The prototype is to be put on wheels by the
end of 2020, so the project should be well advanced. The electric crosser should be able to compete
with the petrol-driven competition with 250cc in all areas.

The head of the Dohms company, Elmar Dohms,
who is himself an MX racer and motocross trainer, had the idea for the project. Basis is the Yamaha YZ250F. Of course the drivetrain had to be replaced. The electric drive should provide the electric
Yamaha with more torque, which should give an advantage in driving. One wants to avoid long charging times with
exchange batteries, which are developed by Spike. The drive comes from Dohms. It sits far down in front of the swing pivot,
above which the battery is installed.

pexels photo 8044098

Data on performance, range, battery capacity
or charging times have not yet been disclosed. As the bike is still in development, these
are not yet known. It's refreshing not to get any data instead
of some utopian data, which can't be kept later on, as it is unfortunately often the
case with electric motorcycles. Even though many are sceptical about electric
drive, electric motocross machines would have some advantages without the disadvantages
that electric motorcycles usually have. A long range is not important in motocross
and with a replaceable battery you could certainly easily get through a day of training. Because of the quiet motorcycles one would
take critics' argument of noise away, motocross operation would be much easier and also possible
near built-up areas.

This would make it possible to create additional
motocross tracks without any problems, which would then only be accessible to electric

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