Zero FX EV electric Enduro Motorcycle – Greenlaning on 2-wheeled Teslas //Jonny Smith

welcome to karpova I'm Johnny Smith today we're 
going to be going green laning on green bikes   actually that one's not green but these two are 
so today I've decided to do a feature that I've   wanted to do for ages I wanted to go green laning 
on green bikes and by that I mean green laning is   something the UK's full off and there are like 
quite a lesser-known place they're roads that   have vehicular access all over the place that 
you can find on Ordnance Survey maps annajura   you're respectful and there's the vehicle that 
you're driving or riding is road legal you can   go exploring and in this time of social distancing 
you can get away from it all and what better way   to get away from all it explore nature and have a 
bit of peace on an electric motor bike and that's   what this is this is an electric motor bike that's 
an electric motor bike that isn't good we've got   that here for reference and I've brought some 
experts with me because I'm not gonna lie I'm   not a motorcycle expert I have a full licence but 
I've only ever ridden periodically here and there   so I've brought with me here this is John Spencer 
from not your average bikes John is a zero byte   dealer these are zero motorcycles and I think zero 
are kind of like doing for the motorbike electric   world what Tesla is doing for the electric car 
world I've also brought along my friend here   mark Potts key Potter and Polsky well I've known 
mark since he was editor of motorcycle news for   many years when we used to work on magazines 
and papers together so he's also a dab hand on   a bike and he's got vast experience of Pistons 
and electric so these two boys collectively know   a lot more about bikes than I do we're gonna get 
our stuff on and carry on but before we do that   here are the rules of green laning and what green 
laning really is green bikes for green laning what   are green lanes well Green Lanes of public byways 
that are often rural and lesser used they're never   tarmacked they're often allowing nature to kind 
of grow back hence the term green green lanes are   dotted all over the UK so you can actually legally 
venture off the beaten track to explore away from   the crowd I'm not an accomplished road rider so 
this really appeals to me in green laning on a   green motorbike with zero emissions appeals to 
my nature loving side as well as my mechanical   fascination – Green Lane you have to be road legal 
MOT to text and insured on your vehicle you also   have to behave this isn't a motocross track so 
you're looking for public rights-of-way of two   types one of them is byways open to all traffic 
known as boats and on an Ordnance Survey map boats   are shown as a series of green pluses the other 
thing you can look for is other public access   these can be unclassified country roads you see 
ours which on an Ordnance Survey map come under   other routes with public access and are a line of 
widely spaced green dots on these particular maps   these are not classed as public rights-of-way so 
any restrictions do need checking with the local   authorities first if you're unsure about what your 
boats are new you see ours and your or pisar it's   probably easier to join someone like glass the 
Green Lane Association go to class – UK org it   costs forty eight quid a year you can get lots 
of guides and you will always know when you're   traveling in the right direction and on the 
best routes boats UCR's remember guys respect   your surroundings no litter no going too fast 
prep your vehicle first make sure it's fully   road-legal and apparently carry a saw let's have 
a little chat guys I tell you what I'm absolutely   marinating as soon as we start rolling the cat 
the Sun comes down the Sun comes out as soon as   we start start filming what I think the way I see 
electric motor bikes is in the same way with cars   as soon as people realize what they're capable 
of and the way they feel they're suddenly really   interested at first they dismiss them because 
they don't make the sound you know that it   doesn't sound like that yep but actually there's 
so much to enjoy about it isn't there I mean this   bike for example this this is this is the one I'm 
riding today which is really cool it's called the   FX FX that's the FX s I'm gonna try and remember 
all the information so basically you've got the   main the main part of it this part here is the 
battery pack isn't it yeah the motors down there   at the back they're the sort of cylindrical thing 
yep this is chain-drive converted from belt drive   yeah that one's belt will drive but most people 
that do the sort of green laning will do on a WR   250 Yamaha as you kind of archetypal Green Lane 
Trail bike essentially yeah really good condition   and it's um it's a lovely thing it's it's very 
different to these yeah well what's weird is when   I was riding here we did about 10 miles or so to 
get to this green light I dunno I've lived around   it for eight years I didn't know this existed I'm 
back here next week and this is what's cool about   green laning as soon as you open up an ordnance 
survey mapping you know what you're looking for   there's actually quite a lot of them around Great 
Britain and they're a great chance to just get   away from the madding crowd and and explore them 
someone like me that's an absolute beginner on a   motorbike I feel more confident doing something 
like this at average speeds I'm not looking to   go on a motocross track I'm not looking to get my 
knee down on the road so it's that nice kind of   leisure cruising but also enjoying a bit of mother 
nature at the same time yeah confined to just   listening to an exhaust which I mean I like an 
exhaust no like anybody else but it's a different   experience on these you can hear the birds tweets 
in yeah you can chit chat amongst yourselves even   if you want to do while you're riding it's gonna 
say I can hear a lot more when I'm on the road your yo-yo there is this weird lawlessness feeling the 
fill like such a rebel green laning over the   lumps and bumps on a serious-looking bike there 
are serious intentions but yet zero tailpipe   emission and totally legal the loudest sound 
as you can hear is the the chain and then the   normally tires but this 0 FX is a wonderful 
thing you know you've got American company   made in America but using components that are 
proven from other manufacturers so Japanese   shock absorbers brakes from Spain good suspension 
travel really progressive throttle I love it and it's just great that these sorts of green lanes 
are on our doorstep all over the country and yet   so many people have no idea and I really enjoy 
that sort of feeling of freedom John you deal in   piston bikes and you dealing in zero other another 
electric bikes what sort of people buy zeroes people black ops we called it which is really 
designed for green laning so you've got people   want to use it for that you've got people just 
doing general touring on them keep them out with   property charges you can you can quite easily 
go do a bit it's all right on them it's a bit   of a different mindset you need to just go 
to the metro station and filling up yeah   but it's quite feasible some of the guys have 
proved you know across the Germany all kinds   of stuff yeah so they are capable we just like 
John says you just got to treat you with a bit   of a different mindset and maybe just plan it 
a little bit more in advance yep somebody like   me though that will do that would only have 
a ride occasionally I don't you know I know   you can commute on these bikes in fact they're 
perfect for doing commute short journey stuff   like that yep but for someone like me that would 
would go out on a Sunday and enjoy it maybe do 50   mile round trip something like this works for 
that doesn't it it's more than capable you'll   do if you're doing Green Line fact riding just 
probably see 75 miles 80 miles out of a charge   on that so you do your dirt riding you gonna do 
50 60 miles so he's done oh and this one though   you say this has been modifying the reason why 
I became interested in this bike is after seeing   the fact that the police had ordered something 
yeah the police South Yorkshire Police had added   to pretty much to this spec almost identical 
to this for their offer our policing team sir   and around Southie action yeah I'm nowhere near 
South Yorkshire Stephanie nothing to do with me   let's talk about the specs of this because I guess 
this is the hero bike in this particular instance   the FX you've done a couple of little mods so 
a standard it comes with belt belt drive belt   driver standard and that's more for an aggressive 
off-road Yad moderate abilities if against turns   like we've got here they're not getting stuck in 
the Bell and potentially puncturing the belt and   maybe split gonna stun into that I'll just be 
crushed and so more most of these mods are done   for if you tend to favor doing a bit of laning a 
bit yeah yeah that's what this one's been modified   faster tires but that are about as aggressive 
while still being illegal that you can get yeah   the hang guards yeah on this particular one with 
convert at the rear bricks or the handlebar on the   left hand side you've got no clothes so it gives 
you a bit better control if you stood up on the   pegs you've got your Britain your rear Brits a 
hammer quite literally all the modification we   have removable indicators off indicators not 
removal just when you drop it if you're going   offroad just bump loaders I've never even seen 
those sockets I mean your pocket if you drop it   you're not gonna stop an indicator is the easiest 
thing to do when you drop a bag the foot pegs are   more aggressive there's another addition of notice 
that yeah especially when you're afraid five-year   warranty on the battery yet younger said mileage 
warranty on the back first five years two years   on the back of the whole the battery on this 
is is 7.2 kilowatt hour right and that motor I   think is 20 kilowatts of power which is about 
27 horsepower but that's not really the main   event with the ebike so electric motor bikes 
isn't no it's all about talk it's all about   the talk yeah I don't have to say the talks were 
really quite addictive Iver I thought I'll ride   it yeah get used to in Eco mode I know sport mode 
exists but I'm not going to be an idiot and just   slow mix transport I'm just gonna get used to 
it and I have to say it's really quite it's a   lot of poke another thought in each yeah yeah so 
standard effects would be 999 er that's after the   government Gramp which is 1500 pounds okay this 
particular model specs up like this with the tires   the foot pegs the hangers and everything this one 
would be eleven and a half thousand okay so starts   at just under 10 yeah this one about eleven and 
a half five-year warranty on the battery to you   more until the bike so in terms if I was using 
this bike to do a sort of 10 mile commute on back   roads that we've done today and then I did a bit 
of knobbing around on Green Lane tuned there what   saw what kind of a range would you get if I was 
riding it like a beginner like me I'm not going   full balls yeah there's people that have managed 
to eke 100 miles out the charge and I know some   of the people in London city centre yeah I think 
that's right if you're in town you get a hundred   but round here probably more like exactly it's 
John Stein 75 80 miles yep it's all about how   much gas you use your course you know and I guess 
if you choose these tires less efficient than a   nice yeah absolutely they're meant to get you 
through much you know you're gonna take a bit   out of it I think in a world where we're being 
encouraged to stay distanced from one another riding a motorcycle is probably as good as it 
gets you're out in the fresh air enjoying a bit   of speed and a bit of power you don't have to talk 
to people you don't have to breathe near people   listen this is the joy of green laning they'll be 
around people are disappointing right nature isn't   it's brilliant we've had such a good time worried 
about halfway through the day I've still got like   78 percent charge I have to say I've really been 
quite taken by this because I am NOT on the first   person say I'm not an accomplished by trader I 
don't ride on the road very much and I like kind   of cruising and I don't feel like feeling outside 
my comfort zone on a motorbike what we've done   since we've done probably 12 miles on the road 
come off the road pick one of these green lanes   it's like half an hour from my house I didn't 
even know existed and we've gone down here with   blitz 204 miles off off off roading don't get 
me wrong this is not a motocross track it's not   super technical but it's just been really in job 
one up this bike has a shared load of power the   progression on the throttle is really lovely and 
also the balance of the bike it was it's a lot   less daunting than I thought it would be I mean 
I look at when I'm when I was riding it early   and we had a I was looking down I was admiring the 
sort of the quality of the controls and everything   it's a really well put together bike so these are 
made in the States yep it's an American company so   like I said before I do think that this is kind 
of like thee this is this is for Tesla for bikes   really Tesla American company pioneering with v's 
zero means zero I've been around a while now since   2006 of started yeah yeah so 2006 started and then 
2010 was the first real bikes the first robot I've   been building Road V's for 10 years yeah and I 
actually when when when I I did that zoom call   with you on my Oren thetic charger you guys have 
got an old zero yeah one of the first ones from   2010 yeah yeah it's been number one one three I 
think is she still looks really good yeah yeah   the thing is we're in a world now he bikes are 
getting bigger and more powerful and then they're   sort of a no-man's land on there between like 
are they a bicycle or are they now a motorbike   that have mandatory pedals and some of them you 
can use on-road and some of the keys offer it so   yeah you can go green anyone on a mountain bike 
absolutely and there are some really good ones   of those area but if you want an actual motor buy 
and this what I'm focusing on for this this is an   actual motor bike and it it's not a street bike 
you know there are faster zeros they make faster   bikes there yeah yeah yeah and they make further 
range motorbikes this particular model in the UK   you can only get with the bigger battery so 
right you can get it with a smaller battery   in the States yeah but actually when you think 
about what miles you can get out of this bike   with the performance I've experienced today has 
been really really if I hadn't done a full byte   license if I just had a CBT can you get a zero 
that CBT friendly yeah few of those zeros on the   range at CBT friendly and I'll still you can get 
CBT version of one of these and they'll still do   85 miles an hour well it really is yes of this 
fine pleasure of the effects yes yeah tell me   about the servicing so obviously electric cars 
the servicing intervals tend to be lot longer   and there's less to go wrong so there's sort of 
less there's more about checking rather than yeah   same for these we'd say every 12 months four 
four zero the main thing is to flush the brake   fluid through and renew it because of the ABS 
can degrade the fluid or the mattresses that's   got abs yeah yeah I didn't even notice which is 
you can turn off on these particular models as   well if you want to do and then next time we 
turn it back on it'll be activated again okay   oh yeah it's a brake fluid flush and then check in 
bearings checking your tires checking your bricks   lubricating any pivot points or four pegs your 
levers things like that so it's you non-electric   stuff yes yeah don't electronic thing on the up 
there is to plug it into the machine and it will   see if there's any firmware updates for it sort 
of it might be a firmware update to improve the   economy of the battery yeah it could be a bit of a 
farm and something dare from testing that they've   done yeah so once every 12 months you get it up 
there I think the first I knew of electric motor   bikes being taken really seriously was when the 
tt0 started then when you see hardcore motorbike   entities are starting to embrace ebikes the 
motorbikes then you know things are going   to be bright motor crossing it's getting big in 
the electric world electric trans bikes they're   coming on brilliantly and I'm desperately want 
to have a go on despite being a massive novice   I think the future for this stuff is really 
really good now that that zero those zeroes   in their own right are really good just as a road 
bike but I think it's proved today that you can   have a lot of fun as someone that's not you know 
an accomplished motocross rider or an accomplished   Road Runner you can have a great laugh and 
Green Lanes they exist whether you drive a   car on them whether you ride a motorbike on them 
there's such an underused part of this country   and with social distancing and maybe getting 
back and enjoying nature a bit more that's   the perfect tool for the job life thank you for 
watching car pervert if you've never subscribed   before why not subscribe if you own an electric 
motor bike I'd love to hear what you think of   them and what you do with yours and if you hate 
electric motor bikes why let me know thank you

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