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Turn your own old bike into a fast e-bike in just 60 seconds – that promise two novelties from Singapore. And that for relatively little money. We looked at the inventions and tested whether the e-bike lasts in 60 seconds, what it promises. Well, I really love riding my bike, but it's always a bit annoying on the mountain. Such a step aid wouldn't be bad now. These gadgets are supposed to do just that: the “UrbanX” is only just on the market came and already has a huge fan base. The electric motor is in the bike, it should fit 99 percent of all bikes. Installation time: supposedly 60 seconds. "Ease" is a completely different approach, looks like a clip and is applied to the side Wheel attached. Easy to transport, foldable, supposedly assembled in a few seconds. It was developed in Singapore, but behind it is a German inventor. Who will be ahead in the battle of e-bike gadgets? Bicycle professional Martin or the clever Claire? We test assembly, performance and do the endurance endurance test. Martin vs Claire – who will win? I'm going to freak out …

In front of all of you. First check: the assembly. Does it really work in 60 seconds? Claire begins. So this thing looks super modern. I am completely convinced of the design, I think it's really chic. Now it just has to work really well. Compared to Claire's weird machine, it'll fall off her bike while driving, the way it looks I think For me, that's the frills category. For me, the motor is in the bike, where it belongs. And I just build it in 5 seconds.

In there, I think it can be done in no time. Really? There are a lot of small parts in Martin's package. All of this should be installed in 60 seconds? First he studies the operating instructions … Claire, on the other hand, just gets started … Do you have a manual? Mine is just a little more complex than yours, a little bit hotter. So with mine, I intuitively know what to do … So now I just have to put it on the rear wheel and there is some kind of wire here I have to wrap it around the strand. And then I have to fix it until it holds by itself. And I think that's about it. Is Claire finished yet? Really? What are you doing here? I still have brakes on here … Martin needs a little more. It took Claire less than ten seconds to assemble the "ease", while Martin is stuck somehow stuck. Usually it is very easy to fit a bike, but this bike is not a normal one Bike, this is a [ __ ] battery.

Although Martin's fork is a standard model, he doesn't get the bike fitted. The battery is stuck on the fender bracket. Seriously, I don't think that fits in here. This battery here should actually slide in nicely. But I can't turn it anymore either. The manufacturer says yes, it fits in 99 percent of all bicycles. I just caught the one percent bike where it doesn't fit. There is no such thing. Claire brings a spare wheel. Will it work with that? Oh Martin, I could have been riding my bike for hours, but you have to yes stop all the traffic. So again remove the front wheel … This fork, also a 0-8-15 model, has the annoying brackets for the mudguard. So it is now the case that the fork is only slightly better than the other here. I think it's ok for the test So the wheel is in, I can also tighten it with the nuts now … hence I'll do that right away. Because now I want to show Claire that my bike is a little faster than hers is.

The bike is finally inside, but Martin's e-bike is still not ready for use. The motor control and the phone holder supplied are still missing. The assembly of the cheap looking parts is difficult. I'm going to freak out in front of all of you. Should I go to the pharmacy and get a few drops of valerian for you? Wouldn't be bad actually. After 40 minutes, Martin finally finished fumbling. He's not thrilled … The manufacturer has promised you can install it in 60 seconds, one minute. It's an outright lie. But then it can finally start: mount up and go down. ahhhh Seems to be fun! Both drives are supposed to turn the bicycle into a pedelec – that's the official name of e-bikes. You don't need a helmet or an insurance license plate for this. That is why both motors only have the permitted 250 watts and drive a maximum of 25 kilometers each Hour. But that's about it with the similarities. At Martin, a motor in the wheel provides propulsion. In Claire's case, a roller presses against the tire and rotates against the direction of rotation.

Which drives better? I can now trample and I am automatically supported. It's going uphill here, Warschauer Straße Berlin, beautiful place, uphill. Usually a bit annoying, now … totally easy. Martin controls his speed using the handle on his right thumb. There is no starting aid, the wheel has to roll for the engine to start. Need a certain basic speed. The good thing is, I don't have to pedal anymore. Total cool. Claire has no control for the drive, her motor automatically recognizes whether she is pedaling, and then supports them in doing so. Is she satisfied too? yehuuu … oh cool, it's going a bit uphill now … that's really pleasant, now I even overtake people. But suddenly she lets ease down … Right now he's not doing anything … Hello … It slipped … I have me all the time now wondered why I am no longer being driven … and then I stop and see that it slipped down. Not only the assembly of the drives is different, the technology is also completely different. A sensor is built into the ease that recognizes whether Claire is kicking.

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Only then does the motor switch on. The function is called "Pedal Assist". Martin has to turn on the engine manually. In this version there should also be a step assisting mode, which I haven't found yet. Because here is something like a throttle that doesn't work alone. For us, electric motors have to support the pedaling. Only then can you ride the e-bike in Germany without a helmet and license plate. The manufacturer claims on its homepage that it meets all the requirements for the German Market met. Martin wants to ask him about it later via Skype call.

But first we do the e-bike endurance test; we want to go to Berlin's highest mountain cycle. Martin and Claire load the bikes for this. The seven kilos of extra weight are clearly noticeable in the UrbanX. God, that's incredibly difficult. I think mine is easier. I just turn it off, with taste. … was super practical, super easy to take off and is stowed in a backpack. Both manufacturers indicate the range at around 50 kilometers. Claire and Martin drive a 15-kilometer route, their goal the 160-meter high Drachenberg.

Will the battery last? After a short drive, Claire has another problem: the road is still wet, her drive go crazy. oh, oh … it just rattles all the time. Somehow my something let me down, it only works in spurts, but no longer continuous. Martin just … drove away from me. i can barely speak … Martin. The two dry the drive roller and fix the ease again. Now it works better, the drive works continuously again. But uphill both engines lose a lot of power. 25 kilometers per hour is out of the question. It's working again now … I'm getting a steady boost now, but it is stop pretty slowly … I thought I was going up the mountain with 20 things. Nothing is, a maximum of ten things are in there.

But I think we have a wrong claim, don't we? Nope, it has to be fast … really? But it's not just the snail's pace on the mountain that annoys Martin. He's still looking for the “pedal assist” mode, as with Claire's drive, and with it his bike too is legal on German roads. So far unsuccessful. If he takes his hands off the button, his engine switches off. But if I step in myself, without support, I have to step in more than usual, because I'm dragging a huge battery up there. Martin wants to know why his bike is still having teething problems. Inventor Eric Chow tells him that he will get one of the first series models ever Has. An improved version is now available to buy. The introductory price: 260 euros. A real battle offer, comparable drives are much more expensive. The competing product ease is 350 euros. Martin and Claire are almost at the end of the challenge, the battery is still keeping the load on the mountain by? I think my battery is empty right away … it can get a little tight.

Is your battery almost empty? You're not the youngest either … There are still a few hundred meters to the destination. Time to swap bikes. How do you find mine now? I find it very pleasant that I finally don't have to pedal. For me it's exactly the other way around. I've used my thumb so much on my bike that I actually do that think it's good here. Up at last! Both batteries lasted, but the stated range of 50 kilometers seems to be hardly reachable … Do you still have some juice Claire? Yeah, just about … mine is still running. It now says empty. Time for a judgment … what do our testers say? If I feel like getting a bit of drive, I unpack it, have it inside Built in a minute and ready to go. And when it's empty or when I say I don't feel like the weight now back. Then I wrap it up and put it in my backpack. So my conclusion about my UrbanX bike is that it is definitely fun. The problem is, if the battery is empty, you have to continue riding this bike, which is really difficult is.

The advantage with your bike is that you can remove the motor, you have a completely normal bike. A clear disadvantage of the UrbanX: nothing is installed in 60 seconds, the promise turns out to be a pure marketing gag. Only the ease is really on the bike in seconds – it is a real e-bike to go. There is no winner based on points, both drives are an alternative to classic and expensive pedelecs..

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